Duct Tape Easter Basket

Introduction: Duct Tape Easter Basket

I made this because my sister wanted to enter the "Make to learn youth contest". After a while, she said she wanted to make an Easter basket. She never actually made it, but she inspired me to make a Easter basket for myself. I actually wasn't going to publish it, but then I saw the "Crafting speed challenge" and I thought it might win something.

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Step 1: Materials

First, you will need: 1. A cardboard box 2. Two or more rolls of duct tape of different colors 3. A tape measure 4. A pocket knife or other small knife 5. A pencil 6. A ruler

Step 2: Starting to Cut

First, measure how wide your roll of duct tape is. Then mark that length six times and make six rectangles(see picture). To make the rectangles exact, follow the lines on the cardboard. Then make a line across the tops of the rectangles to make them into 6 boxes that are 5" x how wide your duct tape is. Now cut them out.

Step 3: Continuing

Now measure along a crease in your cardboard and make 12 marks, each one inch apart. Make 12 rectangles, and make 6 of them 5" long, and the other six 6" long. Cut them out.

Step 4: Finish Cutting

Now find a part of your cardboard that's at least 25" long. Make three marks on it that are each 1 1/4" apart(see picture). Now make two long strips that are each 1 1/4" x 25" long. Cut them out.

Step 5: Stop and Double Check

Now stop and check to make sure you have all the parts. You should have: 1. Six pieces that are 5" x the width of your duct tape 2. Six parts that are 1" x 5" 3. Six pieces that are 1" x 6" 4. Two pieces that are 1 1/4" x 25"

Step 6: Start the Frame

Now bend all the 5" x the width of your duct tape pieces down the middle. Use your ruler to get a straight line. Now take two 1" x 5" pieces and put them on a piece on duct tape as shown. Now tape them to a bent piece so that they hang down on each side. Now tape another 1" x 5" piece on one of the ends. Put a bent piece on that and tape it the same way you taped the other on. Do it again until you have only one bent piece and no 1" x 5" pieces.

Step 7: Finish the Frame

Now bend the big piece you have made around and tape the last bent piece onto it. Now take a 1" x 6" piece and put it up against the top of the frame(see picture) and memorize the angle it's at against the top of the frame(see picture). Now tape it to the top of the frame. Tape another 1" x 6" piece onto the frame next to the other piece(see picture). Now tape another 1" x 6" piece onto the frame in the same way. Do the same all the way around the frame. The finished frame should look like it does in the picture.

Step 8: Beginning to Decorate

Now measure out a strip of a different color duct tape that's 40" long. Cut it off and fold it in half. It's okay if it has minor wrinkles, as it's nearly inpossible to keep it totally smooth. Now make another. Tape an end to a bent piece in the frame, making sure its about 1/4" away from the top(see picture). Keeping it tight, wind it around the frame, keeping it the same distance from the top the entire way around. Then tape the other end onto the frame next to the first end. Cut off the excess. Now do it again with the other strip if duct tape except next to the bottom of the frame. It should now look like the picture.

Step 9: Continued

Now cut a strip of duct tape that's a little longer than your frame is high. Put it on one of the bent pieces over the strips of colored duct tape. Make sure the colored duct tape is at the right hight before you tape it. Do the same on all the other corners. Then put it on the insides of the corners. It should now look like the picture.

Step 10: Add the Walls

Now take a strip of colored duct tape that's between 4" and 5" and fold it over to get a thiner strip. Do it again until you have 12 strips. Take a piece of duct tape but don't cut it off of the roll. Tape it onto the top of the frame all the way around. As you put it on, use it to tape the strips over the gaps in the wall, two for each gap(see picture). At each corner you will need to make a small wrinkle to get it to point the right way to cover the cardboard. When you've gone all the way around, cut the strip off the roll and fold it over the top of the basket. Don't worry about the huge wrinkles you'll make, we'll fix that in the next step.

Step 11: Removing Huge Wrinkles

Cut the end of your duct tape in half. Now take off a strip that's half as wide as your duct tape and about 18" long. Put it around half of the inside on your basket so that it covers the wrinkles and any exposed cardboard. To finish the upper part of you basket, weave the strips in the walls together. Do not tape them to the base of the frame.

Step 12: Make the Bottom

Now make six strips of colored duct tape that are 10" long, and four strips that are 8" long. Weave the 10" strips together as shown. Then weave the 8" strips into the sides to get a rough circle. Now put tape on it in a hexagon shape. Peel it off the floor and tape a hexagon shape onto the other side so that no stickiness is showing.

Step 13: Finish the Body

First, set the frame onto the bottom of the basket and use a pencil to make dents at the corners(see picture). Then cut the bottom to that size. Now put a strip of duct tape all the way around the base of the basket, making sure to tape the strips of the walls into place. Cut a slit in the strip at each of the corners. Now tape the bottom of the basket in as shown. Flip the basket over and tape the bottom in on the inside as shown. Your basket should now look like the picture.

Step 14: The Handle

Now take your 25" strips and cover one side with a strip of duct tape as shown. Now cover the other side and fold down the edges. Now cut the end of your colored duct tape in half and wrap one side around the handle as shown. Half way down the handle, stop and use the other side of the strip. This will make sure you have a normal end on your duct tape roll when you are done. There should be no wrinkles on the handle. When you are done, bend the handle so that it curves as shown.

Step 15: Finish the Basket

Now put a half strip of duct tape on the handle. Now tape the handle onto the basket as shown. Take another half strip and tape it on as shown. Now take two more and tape them over the ends of the last piece. Do the same on the other side.

Step 16: Now Your Done!

Now you have a nice, strong basket that you can keep or give away. It's strong, so it can be used for more than just Easter. Feel free to comment to help me with other instructables!

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