Duct Tape Finger Ring




In this tutorial I will show you how can you make beautiful DUCT TAPE FINGER RING using duct tape.

Things Needed -
1. Duct tape
2. Metal Ring.
3. Scale For measurement.
4. Pointed knife (for the best sharp cut)


Step 1:

Cut the tape of about 12 inches long (measure it using scale or measuring pad). Cut the tape lengthwise, using a pointed knife.

Step 2:

Cut the tape breadth wise of 1 inch long. After doing this you will get 24 square pieces of duct tape.

HELP - Cut as marked with BLACK LINES

Step 3:

Just cut a very thin strip (of any color). Place the gluey side across the bottom of your ring base; fold it up (as shown in the figure).

Tip -  If you are doing a ROSE, you can choose Brown or Green duct tape.

Step 4:

Twist it, and cut off the excess – don’t make it too long. This will be the base of your ROSE.

(SORRY for the snap ... it didn't .. I couldn't take it nicely)

Step 5:

Now time to make the petals. Take the small square that you already made to make the perfect ROSE petals.

Step 6:

Now fold the right corner inside. Doing so, you will get a white border in there.

Step 7:

Turn the side, and fold up again (as shown in the figure).

Tip - It will be from your left to the right.

Step 8:

Then wrap it around the base of the rose that we made earlier.
It may not going to look perfect with the very first wrap, but as you proceed doing this with remaining 23 square piece for the petals, you will get a perfect ROSE shape.

Step 9:

Continue with the other square (that you already cut), and keep wrapping till you get your desired shape.

Tip - I completed with 20 square, and it came up to a big rose.. however you may need all 24 pieces!

You can also do it with various duct tape colors, as I did it with the zebra print and rainbow colors too. But if you want to get a real look, it is better to use a PINK colored tape.



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    Hello...Its beautiful. May I ask from if you have bought duct tape in India (If guessed from your profile) despite the link you mentioned above.