Duct Tape Flamingo Jewelry Set

Introduction: Duct Tape Flamingo Jewelry Set

Step 1: Gather Materials

Only the duct tape is shown in the pictures of this step. I apologize I just have a horrible headache but so I'm in bed trying to finish this instructable in time for the duct tape contest. And my workspace and supplies are downstairs and I just can't handle going down again to take pics of everything. Other supplies are shown in other steps. Thank you for baring with me.

1) flamingo duck tape
2) 2 other colors of duct/duck tape
3) 3 of whatever headpins with a loop at one end are called (sorry I can't find the answer)
4) paper. One sheet will do
5) something that can be used to poke a hole in duck tape. I have a tool used for puncturing materials
6) 4 small jump rings (earrings)
7) 2 earring hook things (again I do not know the proper name for these. They are the hooks used for dangly earrings)
8) 3 large jump rings
9) jewelry pliers. 2 if possible. I used a small jewelry one and a larger regular one
10) scissors
11) 2 medium jump rings to attach tassel to earrings

Step 2: Make the Flamingos

Put a strip of flamingo duck tape onto a piece of paper. You can also put it on another piece of duck tape (sticky sides facing each other) but because of my headache, I chose the paper method to save time.

Use the scissors to cut out the flamingos. I included some flowers with each. These will make each flamingo unique (if you chose different flamingos) and make the earrings more interesting in my opinion.

Step 3: Make the Fringe

Make a sheet of duck tape material by laying strips of duck tape so sticky sides are up and they slightly overlap.

Next cover the sticky side of this material by placing more strips of duck tape on top of the sticky side up pieces of tape.

Cut a rectangle. Make the edges straight. Make the piece of material the length of the fringe you want. Make the width long enough to achieve the size of fringe you want. You can roll your material to estimate these measurements.

Use scissors to make small cuts through the whole width of the material. My material was large enough to cut in half to get my fringe material for both earrings. If yours is not, you'll need to make more material.

When making the fringe leave about a little less than half inch of uncut tape material at one end of the width of the tape material. (Or make this uncut part the size that you want your other color of duck tape to be).

Step 4: Roll Fringe

Place the headpin like object along one side of the fringe length wise (it's parallel to your cuts).

Make sure the loop is very close to the top of the fringe.

Place a small piece of duck tape onto the pin to attach it to the tape material fringe below it.

Tightly roll the duck tape fringe around the pin. Starting at one end and working way to the the other end.

Once you finish this, secure the end of the fringe to the rest of the rolled fringe with a small piece of duck tape.

Take a small piece of the other color of duck tape. This piece should be a strip the width of what you want it to look like on the fringe. It should be slightly longer than the circumference of the fringe for added security.

Step 5: Put the Pieces Together

Poke hole in bottom of one flamingo.

Thread an medium opened jump ring through this hole then thread the loop of your fringe through this hole as well.

Close jump ring.

The way my earring hook was required me to attach one jump ring to the top of the flamingo then attach that jump ring to another jump ring (which had the hook in it) then I closed the jump ring.

There is probably a more professional way to do this but if you use your small jump rings it will still look good!

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat the above steps necessary for creating an earring in order to complete your set.


Your earrings are done! Next is your necklace. It is going to be simple in order for your earrings to shine!

Step 8: Make Duct Tape Material Fringe

Use the method in the earring steps to create the duck tape material

Then cut it to make the fringe as previously explained.

Make the roll of fringe using the pin as stated in the earring section.

Step 9: Details and Creating Necklace

Wrap piece of another color of duck tape around the end (uncut) of the tassel. This was described in a previous step.

Put a jump ring through the loop of the pin and lay a chain in there then close the jump ring.

Finish the ends of the necklace with larger jump rings and a lobster clasp.

I have a huge headache. I'm so sorry this isn't more detailed than my normal Instructables.

Step 10: TA DAHH!

Your necklace is done! Congrats

Step 11: Woooohooooo!

Your jewelry set is complete. I would love to create a ring or bracelet also but I simply don't have time before the contest ends and I don't feel well so don't have the energy to do so.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I would gladly answer them!

Please vote for this!

Thank you so much


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    Cool and funky jewelry! And nice craftsmanship with that duct tape. :)


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