Duct Tape Flip Flops




Duct tape flip flops are great for just walking outside so you don't get your feet or socks dirty.
I recently came up with the pattern and I think  it's quite like being barefoot!

Step 1: Measuring

Measure how long your foot is and add an inch and 1/2 for where you cut.
Rip another piece of duct tape the same length an place it on top of the first one.
Then measure how wide your foot is from where your toes are and add an inch and a half.
Keep adding strips for how long your foot is and when you have enough strips to create the width.

Do the step again so you have it for both feet.

Step 2: Rounding

Round off the edges to make it like flip flops

Step 3: Adding Straps

Measure how long it is from your second toe to your fifth toe and add one inch to that.
Fold the piece of duct tape so it's like a strip that you would see on a regular flip flop.
Make three more the same length (2 for the other flip flop and one more for the first one.)
Tape them onto the flip flop one goes over your four smallest toes and the other one goes over your big-toe.

Step 4: Attaching Straps

Take what you want to be your left flip flop and take one of the straps.
Attach so it goes over your four outermost toes.
Do it again on the right flip flop but do it mirror.

Step 5: Attaching Last Straps

Take your other two strips and attach them where the other one meets your big-toe.
And your done!

Step 6: Adjustments

You might have to tape the two straps together where they come between your big-toe and ring-toe.
Also you might have to lengthen the flip flops so your big-toe has some more room.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    These look very functional. Great for those times when you have duct tape but no shoes. :-D