Duct Tape Flip Flops




In this Instructable, I will show you how to make duct tape flip flops.

Make sure you have enough duct tape! Please vote for my flip flops!

Step 1: Collect Supplies:

• Foam

• Scissors

• Duct tape

Step 2: Getting the Size:

Measure the duct tape to the size of your foot. Cut 2 strips that size and stick them together.

On the top, put on 2 more that length. Put your foot on the duct tape fabric, and cut around your foot.

Step 3: Making the Shoe:

Cut a small piece of duct tape and roll it up. Put aside.

Cut another piece of duct tape a little bigger. Fold, then, cut a tiny notch in the middle.

Step 4: Getting It Ready:

Stick the tube into your piece of duct tape with the notch.

Tape with small pieces of duct tape. With strips of duct tape, tape it to the shoe where it is comfortable.

( See notes on picture 4 and 5. )

Step 5: Finishing the Shoe:

Cut 2 long pieces of duct tape, fold in half, and trim. Tape onto flip flops where the strips are comfortable.

Tape on foam.

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    1 year ago

    I backpacked 130 miles and this would shave some weight on "camp shoes." Usually crocs or flipflops. Making them out of DT and foam sheets would make them so much lighter especially for just evening-wear around my campsite. Adding them to my to-do list.

    1 reply

    Thanks for viewing and commenting! I really enjoyed making them. I hope you have fun, too!

    Carpenter Guy

    2 years ago

    Nice! You should do an instruactable on how to make boy flip flops. (Wider straps, wider footprint.) thanks for sharing!

    1 reply