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Introduction: Duct Tape Floppy Box

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The small box, being used as a pen / pencil holder you see here with the instructable robot patch, is made with old floppies and duct tape. It is sturdy, water-proof and looks good.

I have more than 200 floppies in my inventory which I used in earlier days. Here you can see DOS 6.22 disks, Windows 98 boot disk, device drivers for SCSI, Miro DC-20 video capture board and many more which are still in good condition. I have used about five of those floppies and left-over duct tapes from previous project to construct this box.

Step 1: Assemble the Box Outer Walls

  • Take four pieces of floppies and cover the inner side, where the hub is visible, with tape. You can use any color of your choice.
  • Arrange all four pieces on a flat surface, keeping the tapped portion inside
  • Wound a layer of tape around all the pieces and make a box shape
  • Adjust all the edges uniformly and cover the outer surface with tape.

Step 2: Bottom Portion of the Box

We need another floppy for the bottom portion. Mask the inside with tape as we did earlier

Keep the box shape we earlier made over this and join with duct tape.

Step 3:

The color I choose looks dull. So, I added another layer of black colored duct tape around the outer surface.

Cut pieces of duct tape slightly longer than the width of the box and cover the top edges uniformly. Now our box is ready, but still it looks flat.

Lot of instructable embroidered iron on patches are available with me. So let us stick a patch and see how it looks

Step 4:

Using fevikwik instant adhesive, I have fixed the embroidered instructable robot patch on one side of the box.

Now it looks great. I have given it to my daughter to use it as a pen / pencil holder

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