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Introduction: Duct Tape Foldover Clutch

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Duct Tape Foldover Clutch! Gorgeous clutch!!

I never thought making duct tape clutch is so simple. I really enjoyed making this one.

All you need is some different colors of duct tape and zip lock bag.

I am very satisfied with the outlook of the clutch. I hope you will love it too.

Here I shared how to make this elegant clutch with simple steps..

Step 1: Things Needed

1 Sandwich Zip lock bag

3 Colors of Duct tape ( I used orange, purple and patterned rainbow color)

Craft knife


Decorative glitter stones (optional)

Step 2: Duct Tape & Zip Lock

Take orange duct tape and zip lock bag.

Cut a strip of duct tape exactly as long as the width of bag.

Now stick it on one side of top of the bag, closer to the zipper.

Flip the bag over and fold the tape up onto the bag.

Repeat the process for other side of bag.

Move to the bottom of bag, continue adding strips of duct tape, until the bag is covered.

Step 3: Ruffle Flower

To make Ruffle flower

Take rainbow patterned duct tape.

Measure 20 cm and cut it. Leave 1/3 of the sticky side out and fold the width of the tape.

Use your fingers to wrap the strip in a circle to make a flower, pushing down (like accordion) every quarter inch to make the ruffle.

Step 4: Ruffle Border

To make Ruffle Border

Take purple duct tape.

Measure 40 cm and cut it. Leave 1/3 of the sticky side out and fold the width of the tape.

Use your fingers to stick the strip in a straight line to make a border. pushing down (like accordion) every quarter or so inch to make the ruffle.

Finally add strip of rainbow patterned duct tape on top of the ruffle to highlight it.

Cut small strip ( less than half centimeter) of purple color as long as the width of zip lock bag and stick it on bottom of bag. Cut extra tape on both sides.

Step 5: Decorate It With Glitter Stickers

I like stone clutches. Hence I tried to include it in this duct tape clutch.

I bought this glitter stones at Dollarama for 2$.

Just peel the sticker from it and stick it as you wish.

I used these stickers for highlighting the borders and center of the flower part.

See! It look more beautiful now..

All Done!! Your brand new Duct tape gorgeous clutch is ready now :) Fill in some stuffs like basic make up kit, mobile, safety pins etc.. and have fun! Thanks.



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    I loved this one. I never can find a good selection of colors here. the orange is very pretty. Have a great wknd!


    1 reply

    Thank you Sunshiine :) First I thought of making it in purple color, my hubby sugguested me to use orange. we were happy to see the output :) Orange looks grt in this one.