Duct Tape Fringe Earring

Introduction: Duct Tape Fringe Earring

This is a 10 minute holiday project. These are super simple to make and create. Duct tapes are really helpful in many ways. Funky earrings are in trendthese days,

Be amazed how a simple duct tape can make a wonderful piece of jewelry.

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Step 1: Materials

Duck Tape


Craft knife

Earring hooks

Card Board or Thick paper

Pen or marker

Step 2: Template

Draw the size and shape of the earrings on a piece of card Board. Cut it out and set aside. Make this is your template. Cut another piece with the template.

Step 3: Black Duct Tape

One one side of the card stock Place two black duct tapes at an angle.

Place one of the tape on the top and the other one at the bottom.

Step 4: White Tape and Trim

The white tape should be of exact width and should be placed in the middle aligned with the black tape.

Trim the edges.

Step 5: Hook

Next you’ll need to attach the earring hooks. To do this, you’ll need to poke a hole in the top.

Use pilers to open up the jump ring. Insert the earring hook base and slide it into the Jump ring.

Then close it up.

Step 6: Adorn

Do the same with the second with the other piece too. You can adorn your your Duct tape earring at this stage too. The black and white tapes gives a statement look.

Step 7: Fringes

Now for some fun.

Take a scissors and cut half length at small distance.

This will give a fringe effect.

Enjoy making these Duct Tape Earrings!

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