Duct Tape Gaming Item Carrier (Card Case)




Frustrated with those flimsy card cases falling apart in my backpack, I built my own out of the handyman's secret weapon - duct tape. I was inspired, after reading icanryme2002's duct tape playing card case instructable, to throw my own together. In slightly more than a flash, you too can have a card protector made of America's finest invention.

Step 1: Cut the Paper

While this project could be done purely with duct tape, I opted to support the case with a layer of paper. I used an index card, but any heavy paper would work.

You'll need 9 pieces of paper. Two large ones for the front and back of the case, four for the sides, top and bottom, 1 for the front of the flap, and 2 triangular pieces for the sides of the flap.

The attached template could be printed on heavy paper and cut out, but where would the fun be in that?

Step 2: Coat With Tape...Lots of Tape

If I'm going to be the only person with a card case made of duct tape in my school, why not make it stand out? Neon green is the way to go, of course.

You'll want to cut strips of tape 2" longer than the paper...I chose to use vertical strips. The pictures show this step better than I can put it into words. after covering one side of one of the large rectangles, place one of the skinny side rectangles next to it, with about an 1/8" gap. This creates hinge to allow the pieces to fold when it comes time to put it together.

Step 3: Form the Pocket

Keep laying down tape and placing the pieces on until you've got all four long pieces covered. Place the bottom piece underneath one of the large "face plates". There should be enough tape there so that you don't have to add any more.

Now, fold the outer side piece over so that it touches the adjacent face plate. This will make the interior part where the cards will be kept. Press down the tape connecting the two pieces to make sure you have a good seal.

Step 4: Close the End

You may have noticed that you have a gaping hole in both ends of the pocket. "Will my cards slip through this gaping hole?" you've asked yourself. Of course they will. Fold the end like a Christmas nondenominational holiday gift. If there's too much tape, cut it off. Place the cut off strips on your cat.

Step 5: Make the Flap

The flap consists of the 3 pieces not used yet...short rectangle and the triangles. Basically, do what makes sense here. Fenagle the pieces into position (avoid the stickiness) and cut around the pieces where it would seem appropriate. The picture of the final product here should help you with this.

After that's done, cut a seam down the middle of the front plate so that you can insert your pack of cards more easily. This part will take patience, so keep in mind one of Red Green's favorite sayings - "If force doesn't work, you're not using enough." Seriously, it's really hard to "break" a pack of cards. Don't be afraid to push. Put a strip of duct tape over the opening once you get it in. If you're worried at all about your pack sticking to the inside, sprinkle some talcum powder in there to coat the adhesive that is still bare. Your cards should slide in and out more easily, too.

Step 6: Final Product

YAY! Now you can be the envy of your high school, dorm, or place of work. Sit back and admire your shiny product, content in the knowledge that it will one day fall apart and you'll have to build another. But until then, if the women (men, for the ladies) don't find you handsome(/beautiful), they should at least find you handy.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I'm so glad you did the top that you did; most people don't think about the cigarette box flip top design. It's my personal favorite. A little difficult to make, but well worth it.


    12 years ago

    wait how can you call duct tape an American invention and quote Red Green.

    2 replies

    10 years ago on Introduction

    aw man! where do you find neon green duct tape? its one of my favorite colors! and nice black tiger deck.

    Believe it or not, from Tower Records before they went out of business. Now I just use regular Bicycles from CVS and the like. Not quite as nice, but I prefer them to Aviators or Bees. - D


    12 years ago