Duct Tape Gloves

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My duct tape gloves are made by coating your hand with the non-sticky side facing out (away from your hand) and coating it again with sticky side in.ALL OF THIS SHOULD BE DONE WITH THE GLOVE ON YOUR HAND.which may take some skill, experience, or an assistant since you will only be able to use one hand.

Step 1: Wrist

starting with the wrist, wrap the duct tape around your wrist with sticky side out and crossing between your thumb and forefinger so that the tape connects with the wrist tape on each side. how easily you want the gloves to come off determines the length of the glove

Step 2: Fingers

starting at the wrist. next, starting with your thumb, wrap the duct tape sticky side out. methods of doing so are; spiral, wrapping the duct tape in a helix up your thumb/finger, and folding any excess tape over and pressing it against your thumb/finger. a second method would be a using a piece of duct tape twice the size of any finger you are working on at the moment and, sticky side out, fold it over your finger and fold in the sides. it may look a little square at the finger tip, but you can adjust if needed.

Step 3: Almost There

now once you have all of the fingers done and the wrist done, you start filling out all of the empty space with duct tape...once again...sticky side out. with everything accomplished so far you should have a very sticky glove. moving on to the next step of the process. you wrap duct tape sticky side IN, on top of the sticky side out glove. to put it simply, just follow the previous directions just the same on top of the sticky glove except with the sticky side facing in. the end result of this step should be a solid duct tape glove, with the smooth side of duct tape on the inside and outside of your glove

Step 4: Final Step

The final step. there are three things i like to do with a glove at this point. all are optional. FIRST: knuckles, sometimes these gloves can become very uncomfortable due to the lack of elasticy. this can be prevented making slits in the glove right where your knuckles are(while the gloves are off obviously) these slits can be as narrow or as large as needed. SECOND: if you are un-happy with the length of the gloves, mainly the fitting at the wrist, you may add or cut off however much is needed. THIRD: decoration. do whatever, just remember. the less tape, the more dexterous. Comments appreciated.



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    5 years ago

    These things look awesome! Can't wait to try it! Let you know how it goes!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    These are very nice! They would appear to be sturdy, yet flexible. I have been looking for well made instructions for duct tape gloves for a few years now. and I have finally found them! Thank you! You have inspired this weekend's project!



    7 years ago on Step 4

    Interesting although I think they would be more comfortable fingerless. Although this is just my opinion

    1 reply