Duct Tape Heart Clips

Introduction: Duct Tape Heart Clips

Girls,do you ever want to make something pretty for your hair? This guide will help you to make duct tape heart clips!

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Step 1: What You Need:

-hair clip
-duct tape

Step 2: Cut

Cut 1 piece if duct tape to a short length. (It doesn't have to be long your going to cut it later)

Step 3: Cut Again

Cut another piece of duct tape of the same length.

Step 4: Place

Now place one strip of duct tape on top of the other one.

Step 5: Cut

Now if you have any excess duct tape cut it off.

Step 6: Fold

Next you are going to fold the duct tape in half.

Step 7: Cut Once Again (lol)

Now cut it once again into a square shape. But don't cut the folded side!

Step 8: Heart Shape

Now take your scissors and cut from the bottom left hand side to make a half of a heart.

Step 9: Open Up

Open the heart to look at your shape. If your not happy with it go back to folding it and re-shaping.

Step 10: Clip

Get your clip and out it on the side that folds in. Put the clip upside down and were you want it to be and get a smaller piece if tape and put it in between the clip. Then place it down in your heart. If there is sticky tape showing, cut it off.sorry this step is really long!

Step 11: Close

Close the clip.

Step 12: Wear!

Now you can wear your beautiful creation! It's yours,original, and unique!

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    4 years ago

    Very pretty!


    5 years ago

    Thanks! Danger is my middle name