Customizable Duct Tape Ipod Classic Case


Introduction: Customizable Duct Tape Ipod Classic Case

This is how to make a duct tape ipod classic case using only duct tape.

Step 1: Materials

duct tape
ipod classic
scissors or razor knife

Step 2:

Wrap duct tape backwards around ipod so the sticky side is out.

Step 3:

then wrap duct tape normally around the ipod. fold over the top and cut a hole for the headphone jack.

Step 4:

take the ipod out of the case and insert cardboard. then cut out the screen and the click wheel with scissors or a razor knife.

Step 5:

slide the ipod back in the case and tape the bottom shut. then cut a hole for the usb cord. If you would like you can customize it with a sharpie.



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    i found a way to make it much easier! just wrap the hole thing in duct tape and leave it like that!
    did you know that you can do this with your phone too, or even your yappy wife!