Duct Tape Kilt/ Dress

Introduction: Duct Tape Kilt/ Dress

My uncle likes to honor his heritage and therefore he sometimes wears a kilt.  I knew that the best christmas gift that I could ever give him would be a duck tape kilt.  But it could be called a dress or anything else you want to call it. BEWARE: this is very difficult to make for someone who is not there with you because you cant measure their exact size at the knees or know how big to make it so they can comfortably walk. I recommend 10 inches or more than their waist size.
A lot of duct tape (2 or more rolls depending on size)
Some trash bags
Measuring tape

Step 1: Get the Measurements

It is very helpful to get some acurate measurements of a kilt/dress that they actually own so you can make one to those exact specifications but otherwise you will need to take some measurements yourself.

Step 2: Make the Duct Tape Part

Take your duct tape and get a peice that is the size of the width of the bottom of the kilt.  Make sure that size is greater than the waist because it won't be comfortable otherwise. Again, I recommend about 10 inches or more than the waist if you dont have an exact measurement. Then rip another peice of the same size and place it across the bottom half of your first peice. Continue this proccess until you have a total peice of duct tape "cloth" that is the length you need. 

Step 3: Trash Bag

Tear the trash bag until it looks like a sheet, this will be the inside of the kilt. Lay the sticky side of the duct tape onto the trash bag sheet and press out the air bubbles until it is suck on nice and good. Cut out the duct tape that is on top of the trash bag.

Step 4: The Cone/funnel

Take the large duct tape and trash bag "sheet" you have and make it into a cone/funnel shape so that the top is the size of the waist and the bottom is the "knee to knee" size. duct tape the piece so that it stays in that position.

Step 5: Belt Loops

I recommend making belt loops so that you can attach a belt to keep it from slipping.  Most of you are pretty smart and should be able to figure out your own way to do this. For those that can't, well you probably didn't really get this far.

Step 6: Add Some Ideas of Your Own

I didn't do this but I recommend you find a way to put a zipper on your finished product to make it easier to get in and out of. This was very difficult for me and took a lot of hours but I figured it out, good luck to you

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