Duct Tape Measuring Board

Introduction: Duct Tape Measuring Board

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Hey guys are you a duct tape maniac like i am? But want it to be easier to measure percisly and accuratly? Well now you can. From a cutting board!!!

Step 1: The Supplies

So first you want to gather your supplies. You only need 3 things. You'll need a cutting board, a sharpie, and a ruler/meter stick

Step 2: Copying It Down

So what your gonna do now is copy in centimeters as far as you can go and both directions(up/down,side/side) then you can do one in inches as well, but cenimeters are easy to count an convert

Step 3: Vualla!!!

And now you have a measuring board for your tape!!! And please be nice in da comments this is my second instructable

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