Duct Tape Messenger Bag for School

Get in the school spirit with this chic messenger bag! It is easy to make and gets many complements.
Here is what you will need:
Two Priority Mail envelopes, closest to the size of a messenger bag
At least 2 rolls of duct tape

Trim the flaps over the opening of your first envelope off. Then the cover both envelopes in duct tape. One will be the flap over the opening of your bag, and one will be the body. Make sure NOT to cover up the opening in your first envelope!Think about your pattern, there are many to choose from. ( You could make it in your school colors or even use the collegiate duct tape :D )

Step 1: Taping the Flap Over the Opening

 (This part is easy but hard to explain)  Arrange your "flap envelope" vertically to where it hangs over the opening. Tape it into place.

Step 2: Adding a Duct Tape Trim

Adding a duct tape trim to the edges is optional, but gives the bag a uniform look. I put a silver trim on my bag, but you do not have to. If you do I recommend tucking the ends of the tape into a flap or covering them up.

Step 3: The Strap

Making the strap is pretty self-explanatory, but there are two ways you can do it. The first way is simpler and easier, but the strap will be half as wide. It is the method I used in the picture. It involves taking one strip the length you want (normally a little longer than shoulder to belly button) and folding it in half the long way. The second method involves taking two strips of duct tape the length you want (normally a little longer than shoulder to belly button), and pressing them together sticky side to sticky side. After you make the strap, trim off any access tape/showing sticky side. Take one end and tape it to the inside top left corner, then the right (or vice versa).

Step 4: Enjoy Your Unique Messenger Bag!

I hope you really enjoyed this instructable. I know I did. Have fun with your new messenger bag, and please vote for me. I'm new to instructables and would really like to place in a contest.



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