Duct Tape Moana Boat




Introduction: Duct Tape Moana Boat

This canoe is designed after the Disney movie Moana

Step 1: Duct Tape Sheets

the large sheet of duct tape uses 6 strips on each side, the small sheet uses 2 strips on one side and 3 on the other. The main Hull sheet should be around 20 inches, and the secondary Hull around 8 inches.

To make any sheet, start by getting a strip of duct tape about an inch longer then your desired length. Place it sticky side up on a flat surface. Tear off another strip roughly the same length, let it droop between your hands. Put the sticky sides together with about half the width of duct tape over lapping. Then with the other half of the first sticky side up strip, tear off another piece and cover the other half of stickiness and overlap the face down piece by an 1/8 inch or so. Pull up the whole sheet and flip it over and you should have two more sticky side to cover. Once you get your desired width fold over the sticky parts, and trim the sides.

Step 2: Making the Hulls

To form your duct tape sheets into Hulls, start by folding the sheet in half and secure it with a small piece of duct tape. Cover the entire edge with small pieces of duct tape like in the photos. Then take one long piece and cover the small one. Taped edge is now considered the bottom of the boat. Make a 45 degree cut from the top of each side. Pinch the ends together and tape them up.

Step 3: Reinforce the Hull

Shaping the duct tape Moana boat, push down on the top and manipulate it till you like the look of it.

Making the rods: Start with a mouse pad, lay a strip of duct tape sticky side down on it. Lift up one side of the duct tape and with your thumb and index finger tips fold the sticky side over not the non sticky side. Do this the full length of the strip. Then pick up the whole strip and gently put it back down on the mouse pad and try to get the wrinkles out before moving on. Place your fingers evenly across the strip and push forward. Now you should have one complete sticky rod, use it to wrap around the Hull. For information on rods check out my "Duct Tape Biplane ". Cover the sticky rods with short pieces of duct tape. Altogether you want at least 3 supports on the boat. I did a 3rd later in the build, right in the middle of the Hull.

Step 4: Binding the Hulls

Make 2 rods at 8 inches, it's easier to make them longer and trim them down. Attach them to the smaller hull like the picture. Then duct tape them to the bigger hull.

Step 5: The Deck

Make 7 rods at 8 inches and tape them together like the pictures. Secure the deck to the Hull with duct tape. Cut 3 rods so they over hanging the parallel rods and secure them also.

Step 6: The Mast

To make long rods you will need to have the strip of duct tape diagonal on a standard mouse pad. Or buy an extra large mouse pad at an office supply store. Make a rod at 10 inches, 11 inches, and 3 inches.

The top Mast is the 10 inch rod duct taped to the deck. Then start at the middle cross support rod and cross the mast and secure it to it. Take the 3 inch one to support the mast.

Step 7: The Sail

The sail is made the same way as the hull. To get the measurements, measure the height of the mast and the length of the bottom rod. Then make a duct tape sheet that size. Tape the duct tape sheet to the mast, then cut the sail to size.

Step 8: Finished!

The new boat is ready for the bath tub! It cuts right through the water! To add color make the Hull and rods out of the Gray duct tape then before taping anything cover them in your desired color. The sail is just white duct tape.


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    Question 1 year ago

    That is awesome and my daughter is turning 4 and having a Moana party in two weeks and that will be perfect for a cake topper then to play with! But if I just wanted to paint it instead of buying different colored duct tape, would the paint stay on and stick to it? Atleast just for


    Answer 1 year ago

    Thank you, i personally don't think paint will stick to well to duct tape, when ever i use a sharpie it wipes clean.


    3 years ago

    That's really cute!