Duct Tape Ninja Throwing Star!

Introduction: Duct Tape Ninja Throwing Star!

This is a throwing star i made entirely out of duct tape.  It does not look a lot like most throwing stars but they are supper cool and work supper well. All you need is some color duct tape. The color works the best because it does not peel like the grey kind. Me and my friend had a fight with these and they can be pretty accurate if you know how to throw them. This is my first instructable, so please go easy on me. The way you throw the stars is by holding them like the way I'm holding it in the picture and throwing like a dart. it helps to put a little bit of spin on it.

I am not responsible for any thing that you do with these darts. Don't throw them at unsuspecting people or breakable objects. Have fun and try not to break anything expensive.

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Step 1: What You Need:

-Colored duct tape
-Scissors if you can't rip duct tape supper neatly

Neatness is key to making one of these throwing stars.

Step 2: Roll the Tape

Take your duct tape tape and start ruling the tape very tightly with the sticky side in with your thumb and index fingers of both hands.
do this slowly, because if you do it to fast you will mess up. Do this until the role is about as thick as a pencil.   

Step 3: Make Four More

Once you are done it should look like the picture above. If it does, make four more.

Step 4: Make a Little "T"

Next take two of the little rolls you made and tape them together in a "T" formation like the picture above. It helps when taping to cut or tear the tape into little tiny peaces. This will make it look neater and less bulky. Once you have done this, make another "T" with your remaining two rolls.

Step 5: Tape the Two "T"s Together

Next take the two "T"s and tape them together the way shown in the picture above. Use little strips of tape like in the last step. If your star looks not as neat as the one in the picture, practice makes perfect. once you have this down, they will look better and better.

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    thats pretty sweet. great job. i'll have to make me some of these. keep 'em in my pocket in case a ninja fight ever breaks out. happy duct taping!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm trying to think of a way to make these more dangerous, but that might cross the line into them actually being weapons.