Duct Tape Pencil Case With Pocket and Ruffles




Introduction: Duct Tape Pencil Case With Pocket and Ruffles

This pencil case is made with a plastic bag, and Duct Tape. It is fun to make, and it looks great in the end. On one side it has a zigzag weave pocket, and on the other side it has ruffles.

Step 1: Materials

- 3 Rolls of Duct Tape

- Plastic Bag (Hefty/Ziploc)

- Scissors (or X-Acto Knife if you want your cuts to be more precise)

- A ruler (inches and centimeters)

- A flat surface to work on to make cutting and folding easier

Step 2: THE POCKET: Cut Duct Tape

We are going to start by making the pocket of the pencil case. To start the pocket:

- Cut 5 strips of Duct Tape 10 inches long (I'm using pink)
- Cut the strips in half to make them thinner

- Cut 7 strips in another color of Duct Tape, each 5 inches long (I'm using silver)

- Again, cut these strips in half to make them thinner

Step 3: THE POCKET: Fold Duct Tape

- Take a cut strip, and fold both of the sides inward to the half of the Duct Tape

- Do this to all of the pieces of Duct Tape to form strips ready for weaving

Step 4: THE POCKET: Getting Ready for the Weave

-Cut a piece of Duct Tape in half and lay it out.

- Take your smaller strips and start placing them on the sticky part of the Duct Tape (make sure the side with the crease is facing up).

- Flip it over.

Step 5: THE POCKET: the Weave

-The weaving pattern is two over, two under, two over, two under and so on. Take the longer strips and start weaving it through the smaller strips. Every fourth time you will do you same thing. For example:

The first strip: Under two, over two, under two, over two, under two, over two, under two

The second strip: Over one, under two, over two, under one, over two, under one, over two, under one.

The third strip: Over two, under two, over two, under two, over two, under two, over two

The fourth strip: Under one, over two, under two, over two, under two, over two, under two, over two

-Keep weaving until you can’t weave anymore (because there is no room). I had some of the strips left over in the end. When you are done weaving, cut off the excess strips to form a rectangle. When you are cutting, try to leave about ¼ of an inch around the rectangle so we weave doesn’t come undone.

Step 6: THE POCKET: Tapping the Edges

-Cut more half pieces of Duct Tape to put around the edges of the weave.

-Take your piece of tape, and put it on the edge of the weave, and then fold it around to the other side.

-Do this on all four sides of the pocket.

Step 7: Cutting the Bag

- Put the weave on top of the plastic bag to see about how big your pencil pouch needs to be.

-Cut the plastic bag according on how big your weave is. (Try to cut a straight line at the bottom).

Step 8: Taping the Bag

- Start by placing a piece of tape along the top of the bag (it can be bigger than the bag because you will fix it soon)

- Put more strips of tape along the bag until you cover the front. Take a piece of tape and fold it over the bottom of the bag to seal it.

- Turn the bag over, and fold some Duct Tape around the bottom to seal it.

Step 9: Taping the Pocket

-Place the weave on the plastic bag with the Duct Tape on it.

-With half pieces of Duct Tape, tape three sides of the pocket to the pencil pouch. (Tape the left, right, and bottom to the pencil pouch).

Step 10: Tape the Back

-With the background color, Duct Tape the back of the pencil pouch strip by strip.

Step 11: RUFFLES: Preparing the Ruffle

-Get a long piece of duct tape about three feet long (a little less than a meter), and fold it almost in half leaving a strip of stickiness at the top.

-Next, turn the long strip over (keeping the sticky part at the top).

Step 12: RUFFLES: Making the Ruffle

-Starting at the left side, take some of the strip from the right and bend it over (folding it back over about a centimeter from start).

-Keep doing this until you use all of the Duct Tape in your strip. You are going to make a total of four ruffles in this one color, and four ruffles in another color.

Step 13: RUFFLES: Combining the Ruffles

-You are going to pair your eight ruffles into pairs of two. You will stick each pair of two together, leaving you with four ruffles in total (two of one color, and two of another).

Step 14: RUFFLES: Putting the Ruffles on the Pencil Case

- The sticky part at the top, place a ruffle at the bottom of the back of the pencil case.

- Put a half piece of tape over about a centimeter of the top of the ruffle, and connect it to the pencil case (this will help keep it in place).

- Take another ruffle (in the other color), and overlap it a little over the strip of Duct Tape.

- Tape this one in place the same way the other one was taped.

- Take your third ruffle, and overlay it over the second one and attach it.

- Take your fourth and final ruffle, and overlay it over the third one and attach it with a smooth piece of Duct Tape.

Step 15: RUFFLES: Cut the Ruffles

-Turn the Pencil Case over, and cut the extra ruffles off.

Step 16: ​Step 16: RUFFLES: Finishing the Ruffles

-Turn the case over so the ruffles are facing you, and take a piece of Duct tape to cover up the sides of the case, and fold it over. Put another piece of Duct Tape on the other side of the case, and you are done with your Duct Tape Pencil Pouch!

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    Tip 1 year ago

    Hardly adapted, you can use this ruffle technique to make pencil rolls as well. Instead of just looking nice, slip one into each loop. :)