Duct Tape Playing Card Case

Introduction: Duct Tape Playing Card Case

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OK, so my card case is in terrible condition. OK, so I am a duct tape lover. What to I do? I make a duct tape playing card case!

Step 1: Supplies

-Duct tape
-A box of playing cards
That's all!

Step 2: The Tape

Cut three lengths of duct tape that are about two inches longer that your box of cards. Take three more pieces and place sticky side to sticky side. Cut of excess tape.

Step 3: Assembly

Take your sheet of duct tape and set the cards on it. Fold some of the sheet over the bottom of the cards then fold the other half over the cards. Tape the open side. Take a strip of tape and cut it to the size of the folded case. Place another piece sticky side to sticky side. Get a long piece and tape the flap on. Wrap all the way around. Then wrap two more pieces around, slightly overlapping. Now tape the bottom. This makes it look nicer. now fold the flap in and the box is done.

Step 4: Decoration (Optional)

Cut out front and back designs on your box. Cut or rip some tape to the same width and height. Rip down the middle four times. You should have four short pieces and four long. Tape the short pieces at the front and bottom of your design, then place on the front. Tape the long ones down the sides of the design. Do the same to the back. You are now done! I bet this will hold up better than the cardboard box!

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