Duct Tape Quick Dots




Introduction: Duct Tape Quick Dots

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Every so often I have a project where I need small pieces of duct tape. These “dots” make for neatly cut circles with an easy to peel backing. To make them you need wax paper, duct tape and, a gasket punch. Though, a larger paper cutting die could work too.



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    2 years ago

    Awesome. And the instructions were crystal clear!

    As everyone already said, awesome project :) Clever and innovative

    I agree, simple, neat, clever, and very, very, very useful: sealing envelopes, gift wraping, kite building, sticking notes, and on and on and on. ............ 100/10

    I find myself needing duct tape a lot. And it is very hard to tear those little pieces off when you are holding something else. This is a great idea! 5 stars!

    Holy cow, this is brilliant! I won't even ask how you came up with this one... :D