Duct Tape Roll Donut

Introduction: Duct Tape Roll Donut

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Duct tape crafts are very popular at the moment, but once the tape has run out, all that is left is the roll. You may think that the only thing you can do with a leftover duct tape roll is put it in the trash. However there are many crafts you can do with them including this one that turns an ordinary duct tape roll into a donut.

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Step 1: What You Need

For this craft, you will require:
1. A duct tape roll.
2.Two small pieces of paper a little bit bigger than the top and bottom surface of the duct tape roll.
3. Markers
4. Scissors
5. Newspaper
6. A glue stick.
7. A pen.

Step 2: Making the Top and Bottom of the Donut

1. Trace the donut on the first piece of paper.
2. Repeat step one on the second piece of paper.
3. Cut out the circle shape on both pieces of paper.
4. Cut a circular hole in the middle of both pieces of paper so they have a hole like a donut.
5. On the newspaper, decorate the two pieces of paper with the makers. You can do classics like the sprinkle donut and the chocolate donut or create your own original flavor.
6. Glue both pieces to the bottom and the top.

Step 3: (Optional) Decorating the Sides

1. With the makers, decorate the sides like you did the top and bottom.

Step 4:

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