Duct Tape Roman/Gladiator Armor Skirt and Sword

Introduction: Duct Tape Roman/Gladiator Armor Skirt and Sword

So you want to make a duck-tape gladiator armored "skirt", eh? Whether its to wear for Halloween, to work, school, into battle, or just in the privacy of your own home, here's how you canals your own! +Bonus, you can also make a sword! :D (super excited about that part)

This can work for men or women. Hey, men wore the skirts too! Haha. :) You can adjust the length of the strips and add more or less to your belt.

Step 1: You Will Need....

- A lot of duct tape! (Any color; or black or brown)
- Scissors
- tough string
- hole punch
- measuring tape
- a belt that you don't plan on wearing again everyday
- yard stick (you could use this for measuring before you cover it in duct tape)
- a shorter black or brown (contrasting color) skirt (preferably 13 inches or longer)
- some sort of fabric for the handle on the sword (a knee-high sock can work, if you have one and lost the other)
- & patience

Step 2: The Strips (what Else Would You Call Them?)

Get your measuring tape out and lock it at 26 inches.
Take your duct tape and measure off a 26 in. strip, now CAREFULLY fold the strip in half. Make sure it's aligned on both sides! If you're like me, you won't want any imperfections, such as a bubble/wrinkle or and exposed sticky edge.

Repeat. Several times.

For a large belt, you may want to make approximately 11 of these strips, give or take.

Step 3: Then Points

Once you have made sure each one is the same length, you will need to mark where you think the center is (or you can measure it out) and then cut from the same point on both sides toward the center on the end. (The end that is not folded over when you made the strips, it should be the two ends.) You can make them however pointy or blunt you want them.

Step 4: The Gap "fillers" :)

You will probably want to make one long strip (neatly folded duct tape, sticky side to sticky side.) Then you will measure out eleven 2 1/2 in. strips (if you made 11 long strips).

Once you have done that, you will want to use a hole punch and punch holes in the middle of both ends.

Step 5: Tying the Knot (haha, I Amuse Myself)

Take the long strips and short ones and overlap then a little bit perpendicularly. Use small strips and tape them together (don't block the holes.)

Next, take your string and measure out approximately 11+ pieces each 4 inches.

Tie each strip together (remember to do them all the same way, meaning the duct tape attaching the long and short strips should all be facing you or all facing away.)

Finally, you will want to attach them to the belt via duct tape on each (or every other) short strip. Adjust them to fit the belt (taking one off or adding some.)

Step 6: The Sword!! (Metal)

Take your yard stick and cover all but 6-8 in. in one strip of duct tape on one side. Then flip it over and put one on that side. Next, carefully pinch off the sides of the duct tape overlapping the sides together. They should line up.
Make sure you left room at the tip to make a point to the sword, you can reinforce it by adding cardboard or just leaving it a soft tip (safety reasons or whatever.)

Step 7: Sword Handle (Hilt and Guard)

Take your cloth and wrap it around the bottom (6-8in.) not covered in duct tape. Secure this with thin strips of duct tape around it.

Next, for the guard, (you may choose to use cardboard for stiffness, but I didn't. You can just add more duct tape to make it more sturdy) add duct tape above the handle. You may continue to add more to reinforce it.

You can also add your own flair to this, make it any way you want! :D

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