Duct Tape Rope



Introduction: Duct Tape Rope

Duct tape is very strong, in stickiness and tensile strength. This gave me the idea to make rope out of it. Since I made the rope out of three strands of tape braided together, it is very strong.

Step 1: Materials

All that you need to make this project is scissors and duct tape.

Step 2: Cut the Strips

The first step is to cut the tape. You will need to cut three strips of tape that are the length of the rope you want to make.

Step 3: Fold the Strips

Now, take the three strips of tape and fold them in half so that the sticky sides aren't facing out.

Step 4: Tie and Anchor the Strips

To braid the strips of duct tape, you will need to tie all three of them together. Then, I taped the knot to the counter so that it was secure while I braided them.

Step 5: Braid

Now, to turn the strips of tape into rope, they need to be braided. To do this, alternate bringing the outside strips into the middle.

Step 6: Cut and Cap

Once the strips are braided, cut the ends off flush. Then, wrap tape around the end so that the rope doesn't unravel.

Step 7: Finish

Making duct tape rope is a cool and easy project. You can use this as normal rope, or even in a survival situation.

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