Duct Tape TMNT Shredder Costume for $8.11


Introduction: Duct Tape TMNT Shredder Costume for $8.11

I made this costume for a video collaboration challenge this year. The theme was "Quick and Easy Costumes for Under $10," and even though it took an evening (maybe 5 hours) and some crafty skills, it was nothing very daunting - relatively quick (less than a day) and relatively easy (no welding or sewing involved). The costume was based strictly on the one from the 80's cartoon. I tried to be as accurate as possible while staying under budget. I had a camera going as I did all of the parts, and I edited the 5 hour construction down to just under 5 minutes, but I think all of the important parts are there. Thanks for checking it out!

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    It's not that hard! My 10 yr old made this for his costume this year, with a few changes. Used lots of tape, used soccer cleats w/ the cardboard, tape and spikes for the armor,an old satin curtain for the cape and an old T shirt for the loin cloth, just wore black clothes. You can also use spray paint on the duct tape for a more silver finish. Here4s his costume!

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    Man you're awesome I never thought I could be this creative but this seems so easy I think Even I can do. Thanks so much

    you did an awesome job i am gong as shredder for halloween this year and that will help me a lot so thanks again

    The video shown here "Round Table: Unsolicited advice" is not the "Duct Tape TMNT Shredder Costume for $8.11" I came to see. Since the Halloween Contest is in the judging phase you might want to show us the costume you made.

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    I am not having this problem on my computer. Is this happening to anyone else? That would probably be the featured video of the day on the channel, but I am pretty sure the embedded link is for the right video. Can anyone else chime in? Thanks!

    @imamathguy at least one other at work here has expressed the same. When I load the page it appears like it's the correct video, then it snaps over to this video.

    A link to the video is here, but we need the iframe embed code to be updated in this Instructable. 

    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

    I love your approach for the helmet. If I may suggest an improvement, there's a metallic duct tape (kinda looks like chrome) you could use for the spikes. You could cut slits to push the spikes through then bend a bit and tape on the underside to secure. Overall you did a good job, kept costs down and ended with something pretty decent looking. Way to go!

    This is awesome!
    Its a hint of epic mixed with the inner urge to just solve all the world's problems with duct tape! Plus i think any ninja turtles fan who sees this is gonna try it.
    Thanks for the tutorial vid!

    Gotta say this is a pretty awesome low budget costume. Roughly, how much duct tape did you end up using?

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    Our thrift store was having a half-off day, but most of the materials are at least easily accessible. The Dollar Tree also had helmets in the toy section, as well as grey t-shirts and purple scarf things in the housewares (not to mention all the cardboard you would need). I think you really could get everything in one place if you were more interested in time than saving a dollar or two.

    The rolls from Dollar Tree are relatively small (I want to say 10 yd each). The helmet was a full two rolls. The armor was a roll and a half in total. I had about half a roll left for touchups and keeping all of the armor on my arms, legs, etc.