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Introduction: Duct Tape TP Dispenser

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When I go camping I normally keep our roll of toilet paper in a gallon zip-lock bag. Thanks to the instructables duct tape contest I was inspired to upgrade my set up.

It just so happens a roll of duct tape is about the same diameter as a roll of toilet paper. So with just a few simple tools, I made a toilet paper dispenser with a handy handle.

Step 1: Make the Top Side of Duct Tape Mat

Having a cutting board really makes this project easy. Start by laying down strips of duct tape so each one overlaps the other. The strips need to be as least two rolls of duct tape long and one roll wide. Make sure to use the lines on your board to keep everything strait.

When you're done, peel the mat up and flip it over.

Step 2: Add the Backing

Here is the secret to keeping your duct tape nice and flat. Windex!

Give the sticky side of you mat a spray and cover it with more strips of duct tape. Use a spatula to remove and air bubbles or excess windex. Since it contains alcohol it dries quickly. Once dry, it sticks again like normal.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Top and Bottom

Use your duct tape roll for a pattern and trace it with a pen. Use a pair of scissors to cut out two circles. Make sure to add a 1/4" to one of the circles. Doing this will make the lid fit better since it fits over the bottom.

Step 4: Make Another Mat for the Walls

Following the same method, make another mat. This time make it long and wide enough to encase your toilet paper. From this mat you will cut the walls for the lid and container. My lid is 3" deep while the container is 4" deep. So the mat is about 7"X20" before cutting.

To measure I placed the roll of TP on one end of the cutting board and rolled it along. When the first sheet of TP touched down again I knew I was good on length.

Mark your duct tape mat using the lines on you board to keep everything square. Use the sides of your board as a strait edge and mark it with a pen. Use scissors to cut along the line you just made.

Step 5: Close the Seam

Test fit the mat around your toilet paper. Cut a strip of duct tape and place it, half on and perpendicular, under one end of your mat (see the second photo). Roll the opposite side over and match up the edges. Fold the excess over.

Step 6: Attach the Bottom

Wrap a strip of duct tape around the upper edge of the container. Use a pair of scissors to cut 1/2" tabs all round the circumference.

Attach the bottom by pushing down the tabs in an alternating pattern.

Step 7: Finish the Lid

Make the lid by closing the seam on your 3" wide strip. You're going to do the same thing from step five but add a little to the diameter so it fits over the container. This is why you should add 1/4" inch to one of the circles you cut out.

Before you attach the other circle, cut a hole in it. I used the lid to a spice jar and a razor blade.

I reinforced the dispensing side by covering it with more duct tape. For this part I made a one sided mat and peeled off the circle. I used windex to make sure the holes matched up.

Step 8: Add the Handle

Lay out a strip of duct tape.

Spray some windex and add a shorter strip for the handle.

I rounded off the edges with the spice lid and razor blade.

Add the handle to the dispenser.

Step 9: Set Up Your Dispenser

Carefully pull out the card board roll from the inside of you toilet paper. Place it in the dispenser and close the lid. Pull some toilet paper through the hole and find yourself a tree branch. Remember: Leave only foot prints, take only photographs.

Thanks for reading!

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    5 Discussions

    Chell Shocked
    Chell Shocked

    3 years ago

    I will be making this very soon! Genius. I am going to make one adjustment, another solid disc to insert over the hole end to keep water and bugs out. Do you think just using the circle scrap with a bit more tape over the outside would work? Im trying to figure out a hinge type idea. Or maybe Velcro..... hmmmm


    3 years ago

    Nice Idea. Also a metal coffee can is the right size as well. And with the plastic top cut with an "X" in it, you can feed the paper out and use it to pull out whatever length you need. And that same size coffee can can hold an entire roll. And if you need heat out n the woods, pour in some alcohol and light it up. The fumes will burn and not the TP. Nice project and info.


    3 years ago

    that's pretty clever