Duct Tape Tent

Introduction: Duct Tape Tent

This will teach you how to build a simple tent out of Duct Tape and PVC Pipe.

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Step 1: Materials

10 Foot Lengths Of Half Inch PVC Pipe- 2
Half Inch PVC Couplings- 2
Half Inch PVC 90's With Side Outlet- 2
Half Inch To Half Inch Threaded To Smooth PVC Pipe Adapters- 2
Rolls Of Duct Tapes- 9 to 10 (Depending On How Long The Roll Is)

Step 2: Build the Frame

1.Gather all your PVC.
2.Take one pipe and cut it into a seven and a three foot piece.
3.Take the other pipe and cut 3, 3 foot pieces (there will be one foot left over, don't worry about that).
4.Take the 4, 3 foot pieces and put them into the smooth openings.
5.Take the 7 foot piece and cut it into 3, 28 inch pieces.
6.Put the 2 couplings onto one of the 28 inch pieces. 
7.Take the 2 threaded to smooth adapters and screw them into the threaded outlets on the 90's.
8.Put the other 2, 28 inch pieces into the couplings.
9.Put the 7 foot piece into the outlets on the 90's.

Step 3: Build the Cover

1.Lay out a 1 foot by 1 foot square as a pattern.
2.Build a square of duct tape.
3.Peel up the square and flip it over
4.Lay down another square glue to glue so the direction of the tape crosses.
5.Build 42 squares
6.Lay them in a grid on the round 6x7 with the edges not touching but close enough that one strip of tape will reach both
7.Tape the squares togethet with a grid of tape
8.Peel it up and flip it over and tape the other side.  

Step 4: Building a Case (Optional)

1.On the floor lay out tape, sticky side down, the length ot the tent and wrap it around it so the sticky side is out.
2.Put tape going the opposite direction so the sticky sides face each other.
3.Lay down tape like in step 1 about six inches long and wrap it around the end then repeat step 2, this will allow you to put in extra tape and put on a draw string. 
4.Make a drawstring by rolling a strip of duct tape a little longer than the circumference of the bag
5.Make two strips a little smaller than the circumference of the bag, we do this by pulling out strips of tape twice the length of what you want and folding it over on itself then tape them together
6.Place the drawstring in the middle and fold the two strips arond the drawstring and tape it closed.
7.Tape this on to one end of the bag.
8.Lay out a square of duct tape glue to glue and cut out a circle, this is the bottom.
9.Tape the bottom on to the bag.

Step 5: Assembly

1.Build the frame.
2.Lay the cover over the frame so the longer direction is running the length of the frame and there is about 3 feet hanging on either side
3.Using the tape in your bag tape one end of the cover to one end of the frame
4.Go to the other end and pull it tight before taping it to the frame.

Step 6: Disassembly

1.Get a cutting utensil.
2.Cut the tape holding the cover(Don't cut the cover)
3.Pull the cover off the frame and lay it on the ground, fold it in half so it is 3x7.
4.Take the frame apart and lay it on the cover
5.Roll it up
6.Put it in your bag.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea and "ible." I subscribe to the "KISS" principle; "Keep It Simple Stupid." My thought is just buy a blue tarp and some grommets, and put it together. Also I would add a T-Fitting and a vertical pole to the center to add more stability, and some tie down points to hold it down in windy weather. I like the basic idea and wish I'd thought of it.