Duct Tape Utility Bag




Introduction: Duct Tape Utility Bag

Make a cool utility bag for all your cool stuff.

Step 1: Gather Your Material and Make a Plan

Duct Tape (Classic gray, or whatever color you like)


Ruler (or any type of measuring device)

writing utensil

and a plan on the size of the bag to make.

Step 2: Start Making the Bottom of the Bag

the size of the bag will change the dimensions....this bag will be 9 inches width, 7 inches tall and 3 inches wide.

so I made the bottom and the sides by sticking one piece of duct tape 23 inches long (7inch side x2 + 9 inch with) on a table and overlapping a second piece to get the with of 3 inches width.

Step 3: Finish the Bottom by Flipping and Taping

peel the 23 inch strip off the table and flip it over so the sticky side is up. Then use small strips and tape down the 23 inch strip leaving some extra overlap to hold the 23 inch strip down.

Step 4: Make the Front and Back Pieces

Next make the front and back for the bag, by cutting 9+ inch strips and overlap about a half inch for strength and to make it easier to peel off the table. Measure the width and once it is 7 inches, flip it over so that the sticky side is up and again tape over the sticky side with strips that are 7+ inches wide. You will need to make two of these. When both side are taped up you have something like a duct tape fabric, then trim the edges to make a clean edges for the front and back, but keep the overlap on the 23 inch strip.

Step 5: Start Putting It Together

take the 23 inch strip that you made for the bottom and sides and peel it off the table, and flip it so the sticky side of the overlap is up. Carefully align the top of the front of the bag with the top on the 23 inch strip and press it down on the sticky overlap. Then do the same with the back.

Next trim the edges of the 23 inch strip up to where it meets the front and back.

Step 6: Now Attach the Front and Back to the Bottom and Sides

Cut a strip of duct tape about 4 inches long.

The bottom will take 9 inches of the 23 inch piece. Line up the bottom of the front piece with the 23 inch piece and tape with the 4 inches strip. And do likewise to the back piece for the bag.

Step 7: Attach the Last Section of the Base of the Bag

There should still be a 7 inch section left of the 23 inch strip for the sides and bottom. we will now tape the last two sides. Cut two 1+ inch pieces of duct tape and 2 4+ inches of duct tape.

line up the top of the bag with the top of the 23 inch strip and use the 1+ inch tape to hold them lined up. Then line up the other side and use the other 1+ inch tape to hold those together too.

Once everything is lined up take the 4+ inch pieces and tape the sides together.

Step 8: Now for the Top Flap

To make the top measure one strip of duct tape 9 inches and tape it down on the table, with about a half inch overlap off the table (to make it easier to peel off the table), then cut a strip 11 inches and tape it down to the table with about a half inch overlap on the 9 inch piece. Continue using 11 inch pieces and overlapping until the width is about 8 inches.

next peel it carefully from the table and flip it over, sticky side up and use the 9 inch part to stick it to the outside of the base you made in the previous step. Then measure two 8 inch strips and tape onto the sticky side of the top. Next measure about 6 9inch pieces of duct tape and carefully tape down over the sticky side and overlap down into the bag to reinforce the hinge section.

Trim off any overlap from the outside edge of the top and if it looks raggedy or uneven you can give it an edge.

Step 9: Now Add a Strap

To make the strap take a 5 inch piece of duct tape and tape it to the table, then take another 5 inch piece and tape it on top of the first piece but only overlap about 1 inch. Next flip it all over sticky side up and carefully take another 5 inch piece and tape it on top only overlapping about 2 inches. Then flip this whole piece over and continue to add another 5 or 6 inch pieces and flipping it over, until you have the length you want

Step 10: Attaching the Strap to the Bag.

Once the strap is the length you want there should be an overlap of the sticky side on both ends, hopefully on the same side, if not add one more strip of tape. Next carefully attached each end to the inside of the bag.

Next cut two 3 inch strips of duct tape that will be used to attach the strap to the outside of the bag, and then you are finished.

Here is a picture of another bigger bag we made, which we gave a minecraft theme, it was fun and the kids really like them.

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