Duct Tape Wallet

Introduction: Duct Tape Wallet

A duct tape wallet is a very easy thing to create and is cheaper and wears better than a regular wallet. This isn't the only way to make wallet from duct tape but it is my favorite to make it.

Step 1: Supplies

1-2 colors of duct tape.

Scissors or a knife.


Step 2: Making Duct Tape Fabric

First make several stripe of duct tape 7in. long. Then put them together into a fabric until you have a 8in. by 8 1/2in. Rectangle.

Step 3: Making the Cash Pocket

Next place mo tape in the other direction.
Then fold the pocket.
Now fold over the extra tape and tape it down.

Finally make sure there is no sticky tape is showing.

Step 4: Making the Card Pockets

Now you have to make the pockets.

First make 4 4 1/2in. strips and 4 3 1/2in.Strips.
Then put them together.

Now tape the pockets on the wallet.

Step 5: Finish

Finally all you have to do is put it under something under heavy for a while to make the crease. Also you can put a design on the back to make it cooler.

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    6 years ago

    Simple :) Like it!