Duct Tape Wallet



Introduction: Duct Tape Wallet

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Out of money but not out of wallets.Duct tape for good lunch (luck)


Duct tape
Good luck charm(just kidding)
and that's it

Step 2:

Step 3: Let's Continue

Let's take the duct tape woven paper and add tape one the paper side like in the pics
You should have
one green duct tape with paper and white tape on other side and
other with woven white tape and white tape on other side

Step 4: Join the Sides

Pic one :on the outside
Pic two :on the inside
Pic three:on the otherside

Step 5: Fixing Some Problems

In case the duct tape looks like the one in the pic then it is recommended to add a cloth above the duct tape on the paper side and iron it.

Step 6: Final Product

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