Duct Tape Wallet - Beginner

Introduction: Duct Tape Wallet - Beginner

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An easy way to make a cool duct tape wallet, even though you might not be as good with the tape.

Step 1: Matirals

For this project you need 3 simple things
- a roll of duct tape
- scissors
- and a sheet of notebook paper

- Invisible tape

Step 2: Body

First, take your sheet of notebook paper and fold it in half, as I learned it as the hotdog fold or skinny fold. Then take your duct tape and roll out a piece of tape a little bit longer than the paper. Now, still attached to the roll, put the tape on the paper very tightly to avoid bubbles. Cut the piece of tape off the roll so they have a little bit of tape hangs off both ends. Fold the tape so it's one half of the paper, to where you could open it to a full sheet. Do this so the duct tape covers the page, even the inside.

Step 3: Storing the Cash $$$

Now, you should have a paper covered COMPLETELY by duct tape. You still want the fold we made earlier, so crease it a few times then, with the fold make another fold so the shorter sides touch. You can see the wallet coming into place, so now is the best time to trim it! Don't cut the bottom with the fold only the open part. I trimmed mine because it's a bit big. It's a bit thick so be careful! You don't wanna hurt your hand or ruin the wallet. Now open the wallet the first fold to where the wallet is in half. Duct tape the two sides together on each end ( example in photo ). Trim off any access tape. The pocket is where you will store cash, checks and receipts.

Step 4: Pockets and More

Now for pockets, the extra space under the cash. If you trimmed of any access duct tape off your wallet, you can use the scraps by binding them together. Get a credit card or library card any kind of card. Their all about 2x3 inches each. Be sure to reinforce the pocket so the card won't fall out! You can over lap pockets to add more. For the other side, you can add a see through card holder. Take some invisible regular tape, and fold it together leaving a little bit of tape to stick to the next sheet. Once you have about 3 sheets of tape
stuck together you can adjust the size to fit the card and wallet. Then with the duct tape, tape it to the wallet making a see through card holder.

Step 5: Enjoy and Good Luck!!!

Hope you had/will have a fun doing this project! This is my first project posted on here, so if you have any suggestions please leave it in the comments :) thank you and good luck!!!

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