Duct Tape Wallet for a Backpack

When I realized my wallet couldn't hold as many things as I wanted it to when I made it, I decided to make a new one. So I began plotting out a new design. This new one would not only hold any money I need, it would also hold my phone and other things, such as a portable charger. The wallet wouldn't fit well in my pocket, so I decided to make it as a wallet that would go inside a backpack. Design in mind, I began work.

***Notice*** This is my first Instructable, and any suggestions or constructive-criticism are welcomed.

Lets get into this!

Step 1: Materials

All the materials needed for this project are listed here:

1. Duct Tape.

>I chose Lime Green as my color, but you can chose whatever color you want.<

2. Ruler.

3. Scissors.

4. Pencil.

>Not really needed, as the pencil didn't leave much of a mark on the tape.<

5. Velcro.

>I just used little circle ones that are sticky on the back.<

6. Patience

>Duct Tape is very unforgiving, and will not easily unstick from itself.<

Step 2: Phone Pocket

First I began work on the phone holder. I measured out my phone's height, and adding about a half inch for good measure, I cut out strips of duct tape, and put them together to create the main body. I then put together a few strips for the pocket (see the pictures), and attached it to the front. I made the pocket at a specific height, where I can read messages without having to pull the phone in and out of the pocket. I test-fitted the phone and began work on the next part.

Step 3: Wallet

Now for the part of this wallet that will hold the money. First I made a cylinder that i folded (see pictures) to make a pocket that can open up for more storage. I made another body piece (doing the same thing as the previous one) and attached this "pocket" to it.

Step 4: Accessory Holder

This piece is made very similarly to the phone case. I measured out a sheet of duct tape in the size of an Altoids tin, and then wrapped a thin sheet around it to make a pocket. I closed up the bottom with a few strips of tape, and tried putting a few things into it. The Altoids tin fit, but in the final product, was to thick to let the wallet close. I decided instead to use it to carry a portable charger, which was much more useful to me.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Time to put this together! I placed the phone case and accessory holder together and separated them just a bit. I put two strips of duct tape on the top and bottom, and then flipped it upside down and placed two more strips on top of the others. I did the same with the wallet section, and then put the items inside. I closed it up, and added Velcro to keep it closed.

Step 6: Closing

Thank you for reading this Instructable! Please give me suggestions on how to improve this, creative criticism is encouraged! Thanks!



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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    7 months ago

    Fun project. There is nothing that you can't do with duct tape.