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Introduction: Duct Tape Watch Crystal Cover and Band/strap

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I made this, so I can quickly install or remove this watch crystal cover for my watch, depending on what I'm going to do. It is made out of two colours of Duct tape. The crystal cover flap is held in place with Velcro and should protect the crystal whether you're, playing sports, working out, outdoors, working in your shop or any other activity where you might accidentally scratch your watch crystal. It's easy to open to check the time or any other information your watch may provide.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

I used these colours of Duct Tape, because this is what I had handy. You can use what ever you have.

A piece of 1 inch wide sticky back Velcro cut to the width of the Duct Tape you use.

A permanent marker, scissors, a ruler in units of your choice, a pair of tweezers.

Step 2: Measuring and Construction

I measured the watches and it turns out the watch straps are 9 to 10 inches long for a mans watch.

Step 3: Construction Step 1

I cut a piece of the Camo tape 9 inches long and marked it at 3 inches. Then I folded it over on its self from that mark. This part is the flap. I later added another 1.5 inch length to the flap so that it would cover the watch face better. This means that the flap piece is 4.5 inches long. Because of the unforgiving nature of Duct Tape (meaning if the sticky sides stick together they aren't coming apart in any usable condition) So by adding to the extra flap piece I didn't have any sticky problems.

I cut two 3 inch pieces of Yellow tape and cut them in half length wise. I then stuck them down the center of the pieces this is to give a smooth (stick free) slot where watch strap will feed through.

I then stuck the Camo to the Yellow. I f you don't get it exactly aligned you can do some trimming with the scissors.

Step 4: Construction Step 2

Insert the watch strap into the slots, I needed the tweezers to pull the strap buckle through the slot.

I then put the watch on and did it up as I would normally do. With the loop piece of the Velcro stuck to the flap, attach the two pieces of Velcro together and put the flap over the watch. Then you can see where the hook piece will attach to the strap cover. Then remove the sticky back cover of the Velcro's hook piece and stick it in place.

Take off the watch and firmly press the Velcro pieces in place.

You have to make sure that you are wearing the watch when you stick on the hook piece of Velcro so that the flap covers the watch properly.

I added some small pieces of tape 3/8 of an inch long by the width of the tape to either side of the strap on both sides as reenforcement, you can't see it because it's camouflaged.

The last picture shows what the cover looks like when the watch is off.

Step 5: Admire Your Work

It took longer to type out this Instructable then to make this strap cover.

It was inexpensive to do, you can customize it as you wish since they're so many colours and patterns of Duct Tape available.

The WEGO watch I've pictured has some optical sensors on the back, if your watch does you will need to figure out where they would be covered by the strap and carefully cut out a hole for them. I would suggest you mark where you would need the hole(s), take the watch out and then cut the holes.

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