Duct Tape Watch Lighter SwitchBlade Combo!

Ever wanted a watch that was also a switch blade and a lighter? and all made with duct tape you say? well you have come to right place because this is for the duct tape competition! first off you will need 1. a Watch or broken watch to convert  2. TOUGHTAPE 3. Knife (switchblade preferably) 4. a zippo or regular lighter.

Step 1: Watch

cover watch with duct tape or only fix broken part

Step 2: Make Lighter Holder

cut a piece of tape about 6 inches long and then cut it in half. on one side put two horizontal slits in it. take two smaller strips of tape and but them together to go around the band. assemble and adjust to lighter size

Step 3: Make Knife Holder

take a small piece of duct tape and sandwitch it together. put two more on each side on the band of the watch. make sure its tight against the knife clip so it doesnt slip out.

Step 4: The Endd

insert items and there's your amazing new duct tape watch! vote for me in the contest, and thank you for reading my first instructable!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    i use to have a pocket on the sleeve of my leather jacket to hold my lighter


    8 years ago on Introduction

    WelI actually in California switch blades at legal up to 1 inch. And I have it on my watch so I can tell time, light my cigg and occasionally dice up some tomatoes at the same time

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