Duct Tape Women's Wallet

Introduction: Duct Tape Women's Wallet

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This is how I make a duct tape women's wallet. This is my favorite kind to make because it holds a lot of cards and it also has a coin pouch so you don't have to dig through your pockets or purse for change.  This is my first instructable and I would appreciate feedback. Enjoy! ;)

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Step 1: What You'll Need

For this wallet, you'll need:
* At least one color of duct tape (I'll be using pink for this instructable)
* A pair of sharp scissors
* Velcro
* A dollar bill and a credit card, library card, etc. For pocket size reference

Step 2: Getting Started

Cut a piece of tape about an inch longer than your dollar bill. Lay that piece sticky-side up. Then, add another piece that's the same length and lay it one the other piece of tape so it looks like picture two.

Step 3: Make a Sheet of Tape

Lay 5 more pieces of tape, still sticky-side up, one top of one another. When you're done, it should be about a foot long. After that, lay more tape, sticky-side DOWN, on top of the sheet you have. It should end up looking something like picture two.

Step 4: Cut the Sides

Next, cut the excess tape off of the sides. Don't worry if it's not completely even.

Step 5: Fold Your Sheet

You should be able to fold your sheet into 4, slightly more than dollar-sized sections with a bit of tape (About 2 inches) left. My sheet was a bit too short, so I just added another piece of tape, sticky side up, and added another piece on top of it.

Step 6: Straightening the Sides Up

Take one piece of tape as long as the un-even sides and rip it in half like shown. Next, lay half of the half piece over the sheet then fold over. This will make your edges more even.

Step 7: Add Velcro

Add velcro to the flap on your wallet and to where the flap hits on your wallet.

Step 8: Cash Pocket

Next, you want to stick together two strips of tape that are the same length of a dollar bill. Then, you fold over the top piece to where you overlapped it with the bottom piece like picture 3. Then, add another strip, sticky-side down, to cover up the rest of the stickiness. Then, cut a "V" shape into the center of the pocket like in picture 4. Then, use thin strips of tape to tape this pocket down in the FIRST full section of the wallet.

Step 9: Card Pocket #1

Next, overlap two pieces of tape in the same way you did for the cash pocket. (Fold the top piece over to where you overlapped then add another piece to cover up the stickiness). Then, tape your pocket down with thin pieces of tape in the second section of your wallet.

Step 10: Card Pocket #2

For this pocket, do the same thing you did in the previous step but cut a "V" shape in this pocket like in the cash pocket. Tape down in section 3.

Step 11: Coin Pocket

Next, make a pocket the size of a card pocket ad tape it as close to the bottom of the wallet as possible. Then, cut out a triangle so your change will stay in. Then, add velcro. Tape in section 4.

Step 12: And Now You're Done! :)

Congratulations! Your wallet is finished! And you can use more tan one color, too (Like the orange and pink zebra print one in the picture!)
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Have fun making wallets!

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6 years ago on Introduction

Thanks so much, I've been looking for a basic woman's wallet that I could customize myself this was perfect! I added a ziplock pocket, 8 card holders, and I.D. holder with the clear plastic, and an accordion pocket, a hidden pocket inside and another ziplock pocket on the back. Exactly what I wanted! Thanks again!


6 years ago

This helped a lot and love your nails to!


6 years ago

Awesome! Love it, I'm gonna try it out

That is really cute! Love the choice of duct tape colors and nice job measuring pockets and such as you went!