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This summer, I really wanted to make myself a purse. Over the course of three days, I was able to make the duct tape strips, weave them together, and construct this purse. In total, I think it took me around 6 1/2 hours to make. If you are a beginner duct taper, I would recommend starting with a easier project to make.


- duct tape (I used 1 1/2 rolls of black duct tape and 1 1/4 rolls of teal duct tape)

- bag clasp (and a screw driver if it is needed)

- x-acto knife

- cutting mat

- scissors

- ruler

Step 1: Making the Strips

I started by cutting a piece of duct tape that was 10.5 inches long. I then used the ruler to make the strip 1.5 inches tall.

After cutting the strip, peel it up so the sticky side is facing you. Then, fold a small amount of the tape onto itself. Complete the strip my folding the remaining sticky side over.

I ended up making a total of 88 strips ( 44 of each color )

Step 2: Connecting the Strips of Duct Tape

After making all strips, connect them at a 90 degree angle using a small piece of duct tape.

Step 3: Weaving the Duct Tape

Start by taping two of the pairs to a flat surface next to each other. Then tape down the third pair. After doing this, weave the strips together (look at the pictures). Continue doing this until you have used all the pair. When weaving, keep the strips of tape close together.

Step 4: Trimming

After I weaved all the strips, I covered the back of it in black duct tape. Then I trimmed off the extra duct tape. My sheet of duct tape was 23 inches long and 7.25 inches in width.

Step 5: Making the Flap

I then made the flap rounded by drawing a pattern and cutting it out. Then, I traced the rounded edge on a sheet of duct tape and cut that out. I then laid that onto the rounded edge and cut 1/2 inch slits all the way around. Then, fold the slits over.

Step 6: Making the Strap

Using the same weaving technique, make the strap. I made the strap 44 inches long and 3 inches wide.

I use just over 50 strips that were 5 inches long.

Step 7: Marking the Purse

I started off by making marks where the purse will fold. I put marks at the 6 inch, the 9 inch, and the 15 inch. This left 8 inches for the flap.

Step 8: Constructing the Purse

Start by taping down the strap. Then cut 4 pieces of tape that are 6 inches tall and 1.25 inches wide. Use these to attach the sides. Apply half of the strip to the front of the purse and the other half to the side. Repeat this on the remaining three sides.

Step 9: Adding the Clasp

Follow the directions that came with your clasp. The clasp that I used required me to cut a hole into the flap.

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    2 years ago

    I also made this purse for my girlfriend. I have never made ANY duct tape project. This was not overly difficult; but the 6.5 hours blew by on the first day. It took me about 18 hours but she loves it. Thank you for the very detailed instructions. Also, the most helpful tip was folding the tape so that any adhesive showing would eventually be covered by tape. Awesome.

    the taper

    3 years ago

    That looks so neat


    3 years ago

    One of the best I've seen nice job


    4 years ago on Step 7

    awesome. i love making stuff out of duct tape. ill try to make this. keep........making.....stuff. hahaha. ;D:D


    4 years ago

    Impressive build. it looks great. I like the color pattern.

    Snuggle Bunny

    4 years ago

    Far superior to the one I had in high school lol. Verry creative and classy! I miss my duct tape purse, but over time the adhesive on the tape corroded and ruined. I would Also keep it out of the sun as much as possible, would hate for such a beautiful piece to ruin. Thank you for sharing XD


    4 years ago

    very very nice work!!