Duct Tape and Cardboard Organization Station

Introduction: Duct Tape and Cardboard Organization Station


3 Different Colour Duct Tape
A Cardboard Tube (mine is from a paper roll)
An exacto knife or scissors (depending on thickness of your tube)
Hot Glue Gun

Not Pictures:
Flexible Ruler
Items for the tubes to hold
(eg. Pens, Pencils, Markers, etc.)

Step 1: Step One: Measure

Find your tallest object (mine was a pencil) and measure it (7 1/2 inches).

Find where you want the tube to hit, and write down the measurement (5 inches).

Repeat this process for the other two object groups.

My measurements:

Height (item)         Height (tube)
Pencil              7 1/2 inches             5 inches
Highlighter       5  inches                 3 inches
Scissors          5 inches                   4 inches

Step 2: Step Two: Mark and Cut

On the tube mark your first measurement (5 inches).

Go around the tube marking the measurement numerous times.

Take the exacto knife/scissors and carefully cut the tube.

Repeat for the other two tubes.

I found it easiest to stab each mark I made with the exacto knife, then go around again stabbing in between each mark.

Step 3: Step 3: More Measuring and Duct Tape

Measure the tube's perimeter (8 inches), and mark it on your duct tape.

Smallest Tube

Cut the duct tape, and center it on in the middle of the tube.

Rap it around (it is okay if the tape doesn't overlap)

Measure and cut the duct tape again.

This time cut the duct tape in half, length wise (it's okay if it isn't perfect).

Center one half above the duct tape already on the tube. 

Cut a slit on the back side, and fold it down into the tube.

Repeat for bottom.

Middle Tube

I did the same as the smallest tube, but instead of cutting the duct tape in half, I used a full sheet.

Using checkerboard duct tape, I had to line up each sheet to the previous pattern.

Tallest Tube

I had thin duct tape for this, but you can use regular thickness.

I did the same as the smallest and middle tube,BUT made sure that the tape overlapped eachother.

This is because, being the tallest you would be able to see the holes.

Step 4: Step Four: Putting It All Together

Take the smallest, and tallest tubes and glue them together. 

Make sure you put the hot glue on the holes that you can see.

Glue the middle tube to the others, making sure that the hot glue is on the holes.

For extra support I glued bottoms together.

Step 5: Step Five: Base/Bottom

So the pencils, etc. wouldn't fall out I had to add a bottom.

What I did was take some duct tape and put strips of it on the bottom until it was covered.

Step 6: Step Six: Enjoy

Congradulations! You are done!

These organization stations make awesome gifts, and look great on desks.

Try different types of duct tape for colour schemes or themes.

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