Duct Tape Gloves

Introduction: Duct Tape Gloves

Hey everybody propchap here with a new instructable Duct tape gloves!

Lets get started!

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Step 1: Things Needed

Here's what you need:


Duct Tape (any color, if you want to decorate them get another roll)


Scissors (optinal)

Tape ruler (whatever you call it)

Step 2: Knuckle Strip

Take the tape ruler thing and wrap the first part around your hand where your knuckles are (between your index finger and thumb). Mine was 7 1/2 inch but make it a bit bigger (at least 1/2 inch). Put the tape ruler on the sticky side of the duct tape so the first inch is on the end. Take the measurement from before and cut it to that length. Fold one side over so its sticky side to sticky side. Make sure there's a bit of sticky side sticking out. fold this over on to the non-sticky side. If the sides have some of the sticky side out, cut the end so theres only the non-sticky side out.

Step 3: Start the Glove

Wrap the strip you just made around your hand (where your knuckles are) and succure it with another piece of duct tape.

Step 4: The Palm Strip

Take the tape ruler and measure from where your thumb is on your palm to the same spot on the back of your hand. Mine was about 6 1/2 inch. Once again put the ruler on the duct tape and cut a strip thats 1/2 inch bigger then your measurement from 3 sentences ago. Cut TWOof these. Stick them together sticky side in with a little of the sticky side sticking out. Fold this over onto the non-sticky side. Trim the ends like before.

Step 5: Put It Together

Take a strip of duct tape and stick it on the strip you just made, so theres a little bit sticking out, enough that you can stick it on the knuckle strip, but not so much that it hangs off the knuckle strip. Put the knuckle strip on your hand and tape the palm strip to it, starting on the back of your hand where your thumb is, and ending on the same spot on the other side. Make another strip like the knuckle strip, just shorter, about 4 inches long. Tape one end to the inside of the bottom corner of the glove, where the thumb is. Put the glove on and tape the other end on the inside of the same corner on the other side of your hand. Stick another piece of tape on top so it looks nicer.

Step 6: Decor

I took another piece of tape (a different color) and cut a thin piece off of it, and used it to make a lightning bolt on each glove. Of course you dont have to decor it this way, use your imagination, be creative!

If you like this project please vote for it for the Duct Tape challenge and I'll see you next time!

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