Duct Tape Pets!




This project teaches you how to make adorable duct tape pets!
Supplies you'll need:

Duct Tape (Whatever colors you want to make your pets)
Scissors or a rotary knife

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Step 1: The Body

Measurements, Length 4 inches Width 2 inches.
If you want your pet to be one color two strips should do it.
Two different  colors to strips.
With three colors you'll need to cut the strips to size.

NOTE: cut the strips double the length as instructed.

Fold ONE strip width wise.
Then attach the second strip to the first and fold it width wise half over the first one.

Step 2: The Tail

You can make the tail as long as you want the model is 1 1/2 inches long and a half of an inch wide.
Fold the strip in half the long way.  Then take a strip the same width and attach it to the body.

Step 3: Eyes

Eyes in my opinion are the hardest part.  Take a color and cut a small piece.  Cut away the corners until the
eye is roundish.  Then take another color and do the same this but smaller and place the smaller one on top of the first one.

And now your done!

Step 4: Accessorizing

You can add bows like I showed how to make in one of my previous Instructables or maybe string for hair.
You could cut a slit in it's tail to make it look like a snake tongue.
Anyway their adorable!

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