Duct Tape Tire Repair

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You have a hole in a tire that has an inner tube?  This instructable shows an easy and quick repair until you can get the tire replaced.  Remember that this is for ONLY TIRES WITH INNER TUBES AND ARE NOT CRITICAL.

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Step 1: Clean and Prep Area.

Disassemble the tire and remove from rim.

Wipe the interior of the tire with a dry shop cloth and vacuum the dust out.

Wipe the area around the hole with denatured alcohol and allow to dry.

Cut 4 pieces of Duct Tape.

Step 2: The Fix.

Press 1 strip of Duct tape over the hole.

Place second strip at a 90 degree angle to the first.

Place the third strip 45 degrees to the first.

Place the fourth strip 90 degrees to the third.  

The images show the layout that will give the greatest strength.

Step 3: Reassembly and Test.

Press all strips down tightly.

Replace tube and reassemble the tire.

Inflate tube to proper level.

Replace tire on Trailer.

Get that Honey-Do list done.

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    18 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This would be very dangerous on any vehicle. I see sudden, catastrophic failure in it's future.

    1 reply

    Thanks for the concern but it is just a lawn tractor trailer and this is for the contest. I stated that this should not be used on ANY vehicle that people may ride on or in.


    3 years ago

    Can u put duck tape on the threaded part of your car tire to stop it from threading

    1 reply

    I don't think it would be a good idea. the tape is to thin and would wear out very quickly. the tire i fixed with duct tape was a yard trailer that is used on grass and other soft surfaces.

    UpDate!!!! Tire still working with the original Duct tape fix. Why by a new tire when this one is still working just fine around my yard...might have to replace the wood soon though.


    6 years ago

    Well I think this is a great idea and should be used when you can't get to the store to get a new tire. And to all I think we all know this is not a safe thing to try on a street legal vehicle so give it a rest. I don't think the person that made this is going to use it every day for years and will replace the tire when they can. It's a great idea in a pinch. Thank you for this great idea.

    This is a terribly dangerous idea. Tape shouldn't be used to repair any tire under any circumstances. Why not just replace the inner tube like any sane person would do? It's not like they're all that expensive. If you really can't afford the new tube then at least invest in a proper patch kit. Correctly patching an inner tube would make a quite useful instructable.

    3 replies

    For all of you folks slamming this instructable:
    1.  There is NO reason to replace the tube as the damage is in the tire casing sidewall  [in the FIRST photo, note the INFLATED, undamaged inner tube bulging through the hole in the sidewall].
    2.  The vehicle upon which this repaired tire is used is NOT a street or highway vehicle, but instead a lawn/garden cart.
    3.  This repaired tire will NOT be used at high speed [actually usually not greater than walking speed!].
    4.  The ONLY reason for this repair is to PROTECT the exposed inner tube from damage from chaffing in the hole of the tire casing, AND from contact with sharp or damaging objects.
    5.  Therefore, the repair demonstrated in this instructable, or anything [even a piece of plastic taped inside the tire casing will protect the tube, AND BE SAFE to use.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    1. yes, there's no reason to replace the tube, replace the tyre, the tube will be worning out, then bang. Duct tape is not forever
    2. the more reason to put a new tyre. Catch a sharp rock and say goodbye to the tube and the tyre, and if the garden's wet, the glue of the duct tape will peel off
    3. agree
    4. better putting duct tape inside the tyre better than the tube itself, this way won't protect anything
    5. is not safe at all

    as emergency repair is ok, but is not safe anyway

    Well hauled about 100+ lbs of paving stones with it today and it preformed perfectly. the tube never bubbled. that was the goal and it worked.

    We are talking about a slow moving tractor or trailer, even if it failed no damage would result. I think it would work perfectly.
    Using this on a car would be stupid but at 10mph.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    "Honey-do list" as in "Honey, would you do ____"? I've not heard that one before...