Duct Tape Belt Bag




In this project we'll be making a little bag that can be attached to your belt. It is really simple to make and the only material you need for this is duct tape. It's also a great storage.


Step 1: Make a Sheet of Duct Tape

Vary the size, depending on how big you want your bag.

Step 2: Make It a Pouch

Fold the sheet and add some stripes of duct tape around it. If you want a bigger bag, leave a base, but if you want a slimmer pocket this works great too as for example a passport pocket. Make sure put a layer of duct tape on the sticky surfaces.

Step 3: Belt Loop

Now let's make the belt loop. Take a piece of duct tape about the height of your pocket. Put a stripe of duct tape a little more than the width of your belt on the sticky side. Then stick it to your pocket so it looks like in the picture. And that's it, ready to use.



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    8 weeks ago

    simple yet useful, gonna make it for my trips down to the river