Duct Tape Kite




This is how to make a duct tape kite. It is a nice project for that windy fall day, or just any day for that matter.
You will need:
-Duct tape

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Step 1: Gathering Your Sticks

You will want to gather up some sticks from your back yard, forest of local stick farm. You want them to be about the proportion of the sticks in the following image:

Step 2: Putting Your Sticks Together

You want to put the smaller stick about two thirds of the way up on the larger stick. You want to take the duct tape and place it diagonally across the intersection and pinch it around the other side, then do the same thing in the other direction.  The following pictures illustrate.

Step 3: Begin Filling in the Duct Tape

Just start adding the duct tape as shown below, and just keep doing this until you are done, and the entire kite is covered with duct tape.

Step 4: Add the Tail

Just make your self a nice tail as decorative as you want, and tape it onto the bottom.

Step 5: Attach Your String, and DONE!

Just attach your string any way you want, the most common ways are to attach to all the corners, or to attach to the center only. I normally use fishing line on my small kites. Once you attach your string, you are ready to fly.

Step 6: Be Ready To..

Just be warned that this is only a cheap, quick kite. It is not sturdy, or suited to any real flying. Be prepared to crash and burn, and if you do fly this just bring the roll of duct tape. The one time i got one of these to any real height, it tore and came crashing to earth in a nice little heap, breaking the thin sticks i had used for it that time. But still this project is a fun little one.

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    Kite builder

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Is the backside of yur kite sticky from the backside of the tape?
    If yes, put a thin plastic bag (may be from a wegetables-market) on it, fasten it by pressing with your hands and cut avay, what looks over the kites edges.