Duct Tape/ Origami Hat

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this is a hat i made out of a sheet of duct tape. i saw the design for it in robert j. lang's book, the complete book of origami. i then decided to make that out of duct tape.(combining two of my favorite things!) to make the sheet of duct tape, there are varius instructables on how to do this. it is important to do this very presicely, as mine came out sloppy and had curved sides. also instead of folding the sticky edge over on the sheet, just cut it off, this will make the sheet all the same thickness. after folding it i used some more duct tape to stick down some edges that were falling apart because of the duct tapes' properties. when cutting the size you need, make sure that you make the seet of duct tape bigger than the size you need. now cut the sheet into a 2:1 ratio rectangle so that the longer side is the circumfrence of your head. my newspaper one is 23" by 11.5" and the duct tape one is unfortunately smaller than that. i then added some wire to make the brim stand up. the last few pics are how to make it. good luck if you decide to make it with duct tape! 



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    cool! I would never wear it but it combines 2 of my favorite things DT & origami!