Duct Tape Shoulder Bag



Introduction: Duct Tape Shoulder Bag

This is my first Instructable it is a bag made out of duct tape all you need is:
1 roll of duct tape
a pair of scissors
and a rectangular wooden frame 

Step 1:

the first step is to find a frame i used a warping board but you can probably make one out of some old wood. then you take tape and make the length of the board and overlap them a little. you will be folding it in half so make the peices double the length pieces that you want the bag to be and leave about 6 extra inches on each end. 

Step 2:

After you get all the strips down you flip over the frame and put tape across the other way sticky side to sticky side when you put the tape across leave a little bit extra tape sticking off one side but keep it all about the same length then take it of the frame. 

Step 3:

then cut one one of the 6 inch pieces to about 2 inches and then take the 6 inch piece and fold it over on to the 2 inch piece the will be a bit of the 6 inch piece left over so stick it to the outside of the bag. then for the bottom of the bag stick a piece of tape to the overhang that you left when you were putting the tape across  and then fold it over on to the other side. then for the strap cut 2 pieces of tape any length you want but make one 12 inches shorter than the other than stick them together put the shorter one in the middle so that there are six inches of sticky on ether end of the strap then stick both sticky parts of the strap to the inside of the bag.

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