Duct Tape Super Nintendo Portable: a Step by Step Guide.

Introduction: Duct Tape Super Nintendo Portable: a Step by Step Guide.

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I am shure you've seen a Duct tape wallet, maybe even a duct tape origami swan, but have you ever seen a a duct tape Super nintendo portable? I doubt you have. In this step by step guide you will learn how to make one yourself, it features a 4" widescreen Lcd display, a Super NES clone system and a 2 hour battery life from 4 AA batterys.
Why the snes? Becase the snes has a library of great games, including: The legend of Zelda A Link to the past, Super Mario World and of course Star fox.

   Why duct tape? Well, for a few reasons my first reason is that duct tape is awesome and a case made out of it just looks rugged and durable, and the other reason is I was trying to make a case for a long time, I had no idea how i would get my lump of hot glue and motherboards into anything so I gave the portable a "skeleton" of plastic and wraped it in tape, but enough yakkin' lets get building!

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Parts you will need.

A retro duo game console. 35 dollars.

A 4" car backup screen, look it up on ebay. 25 dollars.

An audio amplifier, you can get one on ebay. 5- 15 dollars.

A battery holder, mine came with my audio amp.0- 8 dollars.

Lead free solder. 4-8 dollars.


Super mario world or any other snes game.

Tools you will need.

A soldering iron.

A hot glue gun.

  You will get your wire from your controller, the should be enough of it in one controller.

Note, you want to learn how to solder before attempting this project. You also want to be using lead free solder.



Step 1: Step One, Testing Everything, Prepare a Work Station and a Few Things About Screens.

Now, before you do ANYTHING test, test, test you want to know ALL your parts are working before you open them up, I tested EVERYTHING and you need to as well.  

A not about saftey, please be safe. I would feel terrible if you tried this, did something stupid and hurt yourself so please, make sure you stay responsible.

For your work area you want a small table, a few boxes, an overhead light and a small metal dish or something of that sort to catch drips of solder.

Screens, the screen you will be using on this project does not have audio, or brightness controls.

There are many screens you can use for this project, including the psone screen and portable DVD player screens. In order to find a screen, search ebay with the following key words. "4.3 Inch Car Screen"  "TFT car LCD".

Once you get the screen  screen, it will have three connections, Power ( a little red connector).  AV1 and AV2 ( these are yellow and white connections, they are the screen's port for accepting video signals)

Step 2: Step Two, Lets Get Buildng!

So, first you want to remove the NES board on the retro duo, just snip the wires or just desolder them. 

Wire the controller to the board directly and use this wiring guide to wire evrything up, take your time and find more info in the internet if you need to. Modding is a learning process and you WILL fry parts, just stay calm and buy new parts.   

See that diagram? Yep, I know, its not the best, but I think you

Step 3: Case Making.

So, now you've made the portable working, so, lets make a case!   You want to make a plastic shell for the parts first,  then wrap that sucker in tape!

If you have questions or didint see something here simply ask about it in the comments!


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