Duct Tape Survival/paracord




Introduction: Duct Tape Survival/paracord

What you'll need:



Wire cutters

Paracord(depend on size of braclet)

Duct tape

Old cheap pen(cutting it)

Fishing hooks

Fishing line

Lead weights


Step 1: Make Standard Cobra Weave

to make a cobra weave use a square knot(im not going in to cobra weave there are ones for that)

Step 2: Take a Strip of Duct Tape

take a strip of duct tape and then take your pen and place on pen. Then cut the ends of the pen so the pen is even to the ends of the tape.(I used the wire cutters for this)

Step 3: Attaching to Braclet

I recommend sliding on before starting weave and then weave around it leaving space

Step 4: Putting in Hooks and Ever Thing Else

after your first weaveis done take the end of the tape and strech it out. Place hook next to the base of roll. Then roll around itself. (I used three hooks). Then measure out about 10-20ft of fishing line or howerver much you want. Then wrap around itself again. Then cut different sized or use different sized weights. Wrap again, then take another piece of tape a wrap again.

Step 5: Weave Again

start weave again. Go all the way. This to cover the duct tape so the sweat doesnt make it stick to you.

Step 6:

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great idea using duct tape. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks I have other projects I'm going to add