Ducttape Wallet for Beginners




Introduction: Ducttape Wallet for Beginners

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Step 1: Materials

Duct tape, scissors, packing tape, a marker/pen, and a flat surface

Step 2: The Body

Measure out the size you want your wallet to be when it is open. (Mine is about 8inches). Place it on your flat surface FACE DOWN(lol) so you have something to measure the other pieces with. Cut out three more of the same color. If you want the inside of your wallet to be a different color cut out four pieces(the same size) of that color.

Step 3: Attaching the Pieces

Lay color 1 face up and place color 2 halfway on top lining up the edges. Place another color 2 on the other half. Flip over and repeat with color 1. Continue repeating until there is 2 color 2s and 1 color 1. Then place color 2 on all the way on one end and half on the other end. The last piece should be color 1. Place it fully on the last sticky side of color 2. If done right you should have one whole sheet of duct tape.

Step 4: Folding and Cutting

Fold in half with color 2 on the inside and trim sides. Then take color 1 and connect each end.

Step 5: Packing Tape (optional)

If you followed my confusing steps up to here you should have a simple base wallet. This step will give you an extra pocket on the outside so you can show off your business cards and what not. Take your packing tape and make four strips the same size as your wallet. Follow step one to get a strip the same size of the body of your wallet. Trim it and attach it to the front of your wallet with packing tape

Step 6: The Details

Fold your wallet in half (it won't stay at first) and measure color 2 to the half.(measure about 6 or 8.) stick two of them together. This will be one pocket. Do the rest of the pockets and then trim them equally.

Step 7: ID Holder

Take some more packing tape measure out 4 pieces half the size of the wallet. Tape three sides down to the other side of the wallet.

Step 8: Cover Up

Cover up your loose ends

Step 9: Have Fun!

Thanks for looking at my instructable! Go out and have fun showing off your custom duct tape wallet! Follow and favorite! --moskiii13

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