Duff Beer Cake



Introduction: Duff Beer Cake

I made this birthday cake for my boyfriends 17th. I have never been an impressive cake maker, but after making this I started believing I should try more often.

This cake looks very impressive, but it was simple and easy to make.

Step 1: The Actual Cake

To make this cake, I used a chocolate and vanilla marble cake. I marbled the cake because I wanted the cool effect as you cut into it, but also because I felt the vanilla would mean it wasn't too sweet or rich with the added icing etc at the end.

This cake will work well with any cake base you choose, but ensure that it is the right scale.

For example, a beer bottle top has a large surface area, and is not extremely large in its height. I used two eleven inch cake tins for the cake, and it worked out well.

Step 2: The Icing

After waiting for the sponges to cool, I used jam and buttercream to stick the two together. I then spread buttercream around the sides of the cake, then used a bottle brown colouring on some white fondant icing. Roll the icing out until it is 25 millimetres thick. Carefully ensure that this icing does not cover any of the top of the cake.

Next, I used red colouring on fondant icing, this was for the bottle cap itself. Firstly, you ice the top part of the cake with buttercream. Do not do this at the same time as the buttercream around the sides, as it will harden, and therefore cannot act as a glue for the fondant icing. After doing this, roll out the icing so it is around a centimetre thick, and ensure that it will fit over the circumference of the cake, with enough extra around the sides to create the sloped effect.

Step 3: Decorating

After placing the red fondant icing on the cake, you will need a small cocktail stick. You will use this to create the effect around the side of the cake. Gently place the cocktail stick under the icing and slightly lift it, then with your fingers, gently push the icing at either side of the stick down, so the it creates a ridge. Repeat this at common intervals all the way round the cake.

After this, you will need a printed picture of the 'Duff Beer' logo, some tracing paper, and a pencil. Copy the logo onto the tracing paper, ensuring you can properly see it.

Roll out some white fondant, and trace image gently onto the white fondant, using a small, unsharp knife or blade. When doing this, ensure not to press too hard on the icing, you do not want to cut through it, just leave an indentation so you can see it. After doing this, you should have a white piece of fondant with the 'Duff' letters gently indented onto it. Then, using a black edible ink pen, colour in the letters.

Then, place this completed logo onto the cake, and using the same knife or blade, draw round the logo onto the red icing. When you are left with an indentation on the red icing, remove the icing logo and cut out the indentation from the red icing.

This sounds complicated, but what you should be left with is your cake, iced in red, with a whole the size and shape of your logo in the middle.

Next, make sure there is some buttercream left in the hole, if not add a little more, and place your logo into the hole, it should fit in perfectly.

Repeat this process for the word 'beer' at the bottom, and 'the legendary' in the top left.

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