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Introduction: Duffer Stick - Zombie Basher

I think my interests tell a lot about me, I'm a multimedia artist which means I work in whatever me…

Here in florida the makings for these walking sticks are fairly easy to come by. I use walking sticks and staffs because of a bad back, they are actually more for when I'm standing still than walking, this one will double as protection or as a zombie basher

Step 1: Find Your Materials

often found around golf courses and middle class neighborhoods duffer sticks turn up in the trash fairly regularly, occasionally you'll find a dufferstick with a useless metallic growth on one end that needs to be removed, often they will have upto a dozen other sticks with various mutated ends in a tall cylindrical container with bumps on the side that protects the duffer fruit,  the round fruit of the duffer comes in a lot of colors from basic white to glow in the dark, it's difficult to predict what color you'll find.

 You will also need a dremel or other cut off and sanding tool, a dril with appropriate sized bit and some form of adhesive

Step 2: Get Started

If you have found a clean duffer stick you're ahead of the game, if you have to remove a malignent growth from one end use a cut off wheel or metal cutting blade in a jigsaw

Step 3: Make It Holy

if you have a vise USE it, I don't have one so I clamped the duffer fruit in a pair of visegrips and drilled a hole about halfway thru the hard fruit

Step 4: Get It Sticky

I filled the hole in the orbs with an adhesive then stuck the duffer stick in and tapped it on the ground to be sure it was well seated, then wiped off any excess glue that leaked out

Step 5: Flatten It

a round surface doesn't give much traction on slick surfaces so I used a sander roll in the dremel to flatten a small area of the duffer fruit, I may find I need to add a rubber foot in the futire but..... that's for the future

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    For the golf ball. You could use some plasti dip to give it some grip. Over time you might have to re-apply it but I think it might work


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the idea and the comment. I had considered using that and might if I happen to find some