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Delicious caramel cheesecakes which are easy to make with just  4 ingredients.

You will need 2 tins of dulce de leche to achieve cheesecakes that look like the picture, one for the cheesecake recipe and one to spoon over the top. If you prefer you can omit the second tin. You will not use all the second tin so you could either freeze the remainder it to use another time or heat it up and spoon it over icecream, cake, or pretty much anything :) 


14 Oreo cookies
625g (21oz) cream cheese at room temperature
2 tins sweetened condensed milk made into dulce de leche (see next step)each tin approximately 14oz (or 395g)
3 eggs at room temperature

Muffin or large cupcake baking tin
Large muffin paper cases
Large saucepan

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Step 1: Make the Dulce De Leche

Take the 2 tins of condensed milk and pierce 2 holes in the top of each tin. (this step is to reduce the risk of the tins exploding during the cooking process)

Place tins of condensed milk into a large deep saucepan with water surrounding them. The water should come up to he top of the condensed milk tins but not lap over the rim (otherwise you will get water into the holes). Bring the water to simmer and cook the tins for 4 hours. Keep adding water to the saucepan so the water remains level with the tops of the tins (you know just ever now and then don't get too uptight about it).

After 4 hours turn off the heat, allow to cool and then remove the tins from the saucepan. Take off the top of the tin and scoop out all the caramel/ dulce de leche.

This dulce de leche should keep for 1 week in a clean air tight container in the fridge until required.

Step 2: Make the Cheesecake

Preheat oven to 280 F (140C).

Line the muffin baking tins with the muffin/cupcake papers, you will need 14 for this recipe. Place one single oreo in the bottom of each paper.

Place the 625g (21oz) cream cheese into a large bowl and beat the cream cheese using a mixer at medium speed until just smooth.

Add one tin of the dulce de leche and mix until well combined. Reduce speed to low and add the 3 eggs one at a time, beating after each addition until just combined.

Spoon the mixture into the large muffin papers dividing mixture evenly between the papers.

Bake until the mixture is just setting in the center, around 16- 20 mins for the larger size muffin cupcake, check after 14mins if you are making smaller sized cakes.

The cheesecakes will be cooked when the middle of the top of the cheesecake is no longer wet and looks just set.

Allow to cool in the trays for 10-15min and then pop in an airtight container in the fridge until chilled.

Step 3: Serving the Cheesecakes

Serve the cheeseakes topped with extra dulce de leche and optional soft caramels cut into pieces.

To make the dulce de leche more fluid for serving heat it up on short bursts at high in the microwave in a microwave safe bowl and mix with a spoon until smooth.

Cheesecakes will keep in airtight container up to 3 days in fridge.

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    50 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    if you keep sure that the water completely covers the cans the whole time while they are boiling you don't have to make holes in them and it will be less messy! also the dulce the lece can be stored forever in the fridge because it is still sealed.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    These were phenomenal and impressed everybody! Awesome ible. :D

    S. Roth

    6 years ago on Introduction

    WOW! I'm speechless! Just amazing, especially since i am crazy about any cheesecakes or anything with dulce de leche!!
    Love it!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I made these for dessert after a BBQ last night, and everyone loved it... And wanted the recipe! Thanks so much for sharing.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I made up several cans since the cooking time is so long. Since I wanted to store some of the finished product, I didn't pierce the cans. To keep the goo off the ceiling, I cooked the cans in a pasta strainer inside a saucepan. That kept the can bottoms off the pan and allowed boiling water all around the cans. Since they were bathed in boiling water, no chance for the cans to explode and the creme was perfectly caramelized, top to bottom.

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    These are so yum...
    I made up a tin of caramel the other day to make some, then one of the twinkids decided that she would make a batch to take to a movie night, so I had to boil up another tin and then buy more cookies and cream cheese.
    One thing we found though, we needed about 20 Oreos for this amount. When I made the batch for home, I cut it down to half the amount and still needed 9 biscuits.
    This is a pic of the twinkids effort

    2 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yours look fabulous. Thanks for the info re the number of Oreo's. I was going to say perhaps I filled mine higher but they look kinda the same in the picture :) When I made them in standard size cupcake papers I know they made just over 20.

    HI I remade them again, you know just in the name of research ;)

    I made a half batch up and it made around 2 cups of mixture and when I filled each of the muffin papers - which look the same as yours I put in just under 1/3 cup cheesecake batter and it made up 7. So I must have a little bit more in each mini cheesecake.

    Hmmm it's a toss up more actual cupcakes to eat by making them a little bit smaller or more cheesecake in each one. I think it's win win either way :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Going to try making this.

    When making the dulce de leche with the condensed milk however, water under the cans started boiling (smaller volume, so less heat to raise temperature) and caused water to bubble up and get in the can. This kinda stopped the top of the can from carmelizing. After microwaving for a few minutes and mixing it seemed good though.

    Also, my dulce de leche is a little bit dark and a tad chunky. I'm going to mix it really well with an automatic mixer rather than just a spoon tonight. Thanks for the recipe though!

    1 reply

    Hi thanks for the feedback.

    I try to keep the water at simmering so it does not boil over. I think the more gentle simmer rather than boil probably results in a less dark caramel.