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Introduction: Dumbbells Box

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A box to keep your dumbbells, with casters to tidy your room without lifting the dumbbells.

The box is deep enough so you can put your additional dumbbells or other stuff.

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Step 1: Materials

You need 5 wood boards. I have used Medium-density fibreboard (MDF), thickness 1cm :
- 40cm x 18 cm
- 40cm x 18 cm
- 32cm x 18cm
- 32cm x 18cm
- 42cm x 32cm

also 4 casters, a long piece of wood and some screws.

Step 2: Tools

You'll need the basic tools displayed on the picture

Step 3: Assemble

use the long piece of wood and the screws to put the pieces together.

Step 4: Slots

cut 2 littles slots on the side to put the dumbbells.
Add the casters

Step 5: Final

Your dumbbells box is ready !
you can paint it with the color of your choice, MDF is a very good material for painting. I've been lazy on this one so I just let it as it is.

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11 Discussions

if you have dumbbells in the first place.. why would you put casters on it so you don't have to lift them?

1 reply

you could use a jigsaw to cut in handles on two sides in order to lift that box more ergonomically.

Good idea. My weights end up all over the bedroom and the kids like to get into them. Add a lid that locks and I've got a nice storage system that's safe from kids as well.

Very nice way to keep the weights in order. My husband and I live in a 1br apartment and I keep all of my freeweights in the living room. If I get around to making things again I will definitely consider your design and maybe modify it to include an upper cover for a footrest. Great job!

actually it is for my wife : when she is cleaning the room, she needs to move the dumbbells without lifting them :)

Dumbells are pretty heavy, it's better to make the box strong :)

Hey nice job! It looks like you could have done this with a lot less material, but better safe than sorry.